We generally associate the exhalation with relaxing and letting go, but what about remaining in that let go to receive the next inspiration? Stay steady, waiting for the ‘yinhale’.

To breathe in and out facilitates our biological urge for balance. Our systems are wired for this stability from every cell up through organs and into auras and energy fields, all zones showing up areas of imbalance as dis-ease. When we bring ease into the beginning of the breath cycle, we breathe this relaxed sense in with the air. I propose that any form of self-care practice is linked with this ‘yinhale’. 

As we receive we must surrender, to open and Be receptive.

Try this

Be at ease. On your next ‘yinhale’, consciously relax… watch the gift of the breath enter your body by means of marvellous mechanics, facilitating the physical expansion to house the volume of fresh air. At the top of the breath notice the turning point and watch as your exhale expresses appreciatively. This can be considered a yang action, although it’s effect of relaxation has a yin quality. Within the yin & yang principle is an eye of the other, we can sense this here and is a beautiful topic to discuss and experience further.

We oscillate between doing (exhale) and Being (inhale).

The simple act of receiving the breath in a calm manner, nourishes your being on so many levels, physically with oxygen, energetically with vitality (chi) and, with this approach, serenity. This is important to acknowledge as an ignition into self care – kindness to you first, then all will benefit.

I see reflections of the balancing act of the breath everywhere as an ever present illustration of the yin yang dance. As we awaken to a new day, we are born again into the light, and as that day dims, the night’s dark beckons back sleep and a trip to deeper body slumberland with space to spiritually convene with the cosmos. We have the inhale awake and the exhale of sleep; we need them both to balance and Be. This sweet spot of balance is where zero-point can be experienced and contrary to the stillness initially touched, is a place of deeper than ever resource. We let go, to hold space to fill with fresh resource and entry into other realms. Watch this 3 minute video on how to access this Stillness meditation

Without sleep our systems cannot replenish, stress struggles to disperse and connection to source is more difficult. To have a sleep pattern eroded, severely curtails levels of health and we know insomnia is rising which increases stress, already way beyond ‘normal’. Are we becoming a world of sleep deprived exhalers, running for deadlines, giving-giving-giving, neglecting self care at the longterm risk of true health. Health is not just an absence of disease. Health is your true wealth. Finding the ease is key to deep sleep. Broadening your awareness helps dissipate tension, giving space to compression.

Try this

Ideally, be in nature or notice where it is in relation to where you are. Preferably, stand in a relaxed posture, feet apart, with knees slightly bent. You can do this from sitting too, by rocking your body. Sense a fine thread drawing you up from the crown of your head to the stars. Become aware of the plentiful vast volume of air all around you. Know that Mother Earth has your back, and your feet and body, she has and always will support you. Be with that. Sink in and soak up that truth. Relax into the support of the ground and into your bony architecture. Let your belly relax too. Breath ease into your being…

..and as you breath out, shift your body weight slightly forward with knees slightly releasing, like you are pressing down more into the ground. With the next easy breath in, rock back to steady centre. Continue, rocking with the rhythm of your easy breath, nine times will do the trick, but three will be good too. Notice how when breathing in and coming backwards, you inhabit the back of you more, into the observer space. You can watch yourself here, in action.

Your background presence is where you can go to drop away from business and into the listening. Your system is wise and knows what you truly need and has varied ways to get your attention, depending on how keenly you listen. This listening is at a subtler level than the reaching for stimulants; listen behind that initial impetus and find your call to ‘yinhale’.

Ahhh..  Breathe… receive… release and trust. Big let goes can happen here. Self care is where you give time to release the old and create space to receive a new refreshment. This gathering, increases your personal energy quotient and like magic, stress reduces. Tension does not want to stay in the body, it’s waiting for the space and time to release. Make it easy, shake it out, look for the ease and flow. See the ease in your life, in your breath, in your Be-ing.

What can you relinquish in order to create more time for self-care? 

What do you need more – or less of – in your life to access this?

What can you do right now to access some of these into your now moment?

Allocated time is finite and there will always be an infinite amount of things to do. Be-ing is the chi key here, to expand into your now being a broad way. The important point here is that YOU GIVE TIME TO YOURSELF. This (non)action will ripple its repercussive nature widely into all areas of your life and for those who’s lives you share.

Be a ware.