Their title not mine! But it made me smile as to how headlines grab your attention, hence why they are called Headlines..straight in a line though your eyes to your head!
Thanks Soul and Spirit magazine, out now 🙂
I am infiltrating the media with talks of chi, as I want to share some natty techniques with you to help restore your sense of inner vitality. Chi is already a part of you – you are alive therefore you are chi. Except sometimes, all right, a lot of the time, we can feel washed out, weary, exhausted which reminds me of a conversation I overheard the other day in a health food store:
Are you suffering from TATT?
Briefly, my mind boggled and then the explanation followed.
Tired All The Time.
There is, I suspect, an epidemic of TATT.
Chi awareness can help you navigate around this aspect of self -management and the articles online and in the magazine, have some handy ideas as to how you can make some choices around your natural energy maintenance.
This is not rocket science, its self-science and we all have the power to choose for ourselves, what will you choose for you next?
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