My mindful movement Monday

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Watch a taster session with Clara here:

Weekly Online Qigong sessions 

MONDAY’S 10-10.40am

40 mins of Elemental Qigong to start  your week with energy, bringing balance to your  Be-ing.

Join Clara Apollo for weekly Elemental Qigong on how to your natural life-force energy. Self-resourcing at its very best.

The session will include;

  1. Introduction – theme of the week and thoughts for the day
  2. Standing or seated awareness practice – getting your poise right either seated or standing
  3. Qigong form for the session – releasing tension in joints and creating the intention to cultivate and gather chi
  4. Taoist meditation to complete – integrating the work before heading off to whatever’s next!

The session will be held via Zoom every Monday from 10-10.40am BST
– we offer you a trial set up if you are unused to using this meeting room. Please ask.

A replay  is provided after the session for one week, until a new one replaces. You can watch as many times as you wish during that week, so if you cannot make the live-time, you can access the video file at your own convenience.

The cost is £5, payable in advance.