Chi Up Your Week! FREE 5 week online qigong sessions

From 3 August. LIVE every Saturday morning for 5 weeks

10-10.40am and available on playback afterwards.

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Each Saturday morning from 3 August, I will introduce you to energy management skills using mind alignment, easy movements and sweet meditations.
This is a FREE dive into your personal energy zone.

I have lead thousands people now in my near 20 years of teaching, of varying ages and abilities – many finding ways to access their inner chi-conversations whilst in session.

Chi = life force energy, yours, mine, the universe’s. We are given a certain quota at birth from the combination of our parents. It gradually runs out the older we get and the more burned out we become. We can enhance what is left and this is where easy-to-follow qigong moves and meds come in. These techniques have ensured my ability to thrive ‘home free’ for the last 5 years whilst running an expanding conscious living events company, a growing qigong school and rolling radio show. There is no pressure on this course, rather an opportunity to be curious about yourself – to see/feel/sense your chi’s way of connecting with you. We all have chi running through us, it is our animating nature feature, flowing around meridian lines, storing in reservoirs (dantiens) and alchemising the chi of the earth, breath and cosmos.

Energise your everything with Clara Apollo’s Chi Up Your Week!

Chi Up Your Life!

Online qigong training – more information coming soon.

From September 2019

Drop me a line if this is something you would be interested in

Weekly Elemental Qigong to energise and invite balance to your  Be-ing.

Join Clara Apollo to unfurl how to relate to your natural life-force energy. Self-resourcing at its very best.

Sessions will include;

  1. Introduction – theme of the week and thoughts for the day
  2. Standing or seated awareness practice – getting your poise right either seated or standing
  3. Qigong form for the session – releasing tension in joints and creating the intention to cultivate and gather chi
  4. Taoist meditation to complete – integrating the work before heading off to whatever’s next!

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