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Our events are amazing experiences in themselves, however to continue self-evolution training in more depth can be incredibly key.
This side of our website is dedicated to your continued development with a range of topics to consider from our speakers and myself as a Qigong teacher.

After the speakers or performers have left the building at CLE, they will have piqued your interest further in their particular way of facilitating and you will be presented with a range of ways you can continue learning or experiencing with them.

Some have books, CD’s, others online or offline training events, they all have websites, so here we have a list of the past speakers who are currently running online courses.

Tim Freke

Tracey Ash

Ya’Acov Darling Khan

Barefoot Doctor

Rebecca Campbell


Underpinning everything here at CLE is Clara’s qigong practice. This has become her true way of resourcing to be able to facilitate all angles of her life  as she has been travelling from home to home across Europe for the past 4 years.

Clara is a professional qigong and meditation teacher, having trained for 4 years with the College of Elemental Chi Kung in London. She has facilitated  many classes to thousands of people over the course of the last 15 years, sharing this wise teaching to a range of ages, abilities and possibilities.

The teacher training programme is designed for you to add qigong to an already existing awareness practice like, tai chi, yoga, mindfulness and the like. The 2 year programme will give you the required training hours and content to launch as a beginners elemental qigong teacher.

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Retreats are held in the UK and in France at various times – see Summer Elemental Qigong Retreat.

Chi up your week!

40 mins of Elemental Qigong to energise your week, bringing balance to your inside and out.

Join seasoned Qigong teacher Clara Apollo for a blend of Elemental Qigong movements and meditations with timely considerations on how to gather chi, natural life-force energy, for what you need to be doing next. Self-resourcing at its very best.

The session will be held via the Zoom platform every Monday from 10-10.40am BST and thereafter on playback for one week.

Cost £5 – payable in advance.

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