Testimonial by Tracey Ash:

“Each time I visit Bournemouth I am touched  by the integrity of this community. Here we meet beautiful souls committed to discovering true spiritual pathways. There is a refreshing intelligence and questioning that unites many cultures, backgrounds and dreams. I LOVE YOU CLE. Thank you for supporting my new frontier work. Clara it is a delight to co-host with you….love the high, high-frequency vibe of venue, evening and workshop. Your team is a support-event dream! I wish you much success as you manifest new and unique directions for CLE my friend.”

Testimonial by Clara Apollo:

“How honoured I am to be collaborating with Tracey. To bring key Chi Kung/Qigong movements and internal alchemy into her high frequency work, deftly integrates and helps to embody frequency upgrades. Our work blends seamlessly, riding on the synergy of seemingly effortless combinations. Blessed.”

The work is a presentation, an invitation and an activation.  Anyone who was there will have been activated in some way and am sure that they did not feel the same as they did before the event. The information presented and shared is cutting edge ‘technologies’. Techniques which have their roots in ancient Shamanic culture and the timeless quantum field. Once progress has been made there is no going back, only expansion, forging ahead with codes of light, activating one another as individuals of integrity and a collective of compassion and broad Love-kind.

Very, VERY excited, these are challenging and transformationally times, we are fortunate to Be in a place in our world that fosters self care with community and cosmic consciousness. Knowing your personal practice underpins everything, Tracey is adamant that there are no more excuses to falling off the meditation cushion, just get back up and crack on.

Raise your heart field.  Bring in more Light. Now is the time.

Tracey posts regular video’s from her power site tours in Egypt, Uluru, Japan and Avebury. See her Facebook page to catch up and link in.

Listen to Tracey talk with Clara on Chi Time Radio about this training and why it is so crucial to be considering upping your game at this time of chaos and opportunity.

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