February 2019

Central Channels

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Seminar Four - Central Channels Building on the previous seminars the physiology of the spine and other central physiological structures are considered, noting the relationship to the head to the pelvis and how everything [...]

December 2018

Balance and Stillness

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Seminar Three - Balance and Stillness Deeply key work, this focus increases confidence and gives s p a c e to practice your physical balance, via various weight transfer exercises plus specific movements to [...]

November 2018

Dantien – energy centre

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Seminar Two - The Dantien The Dantien is more commonly known as the lower Dantien,  or' sea of chi' and is situated just below the navel. Dantien means 'Elixir field' and although it has [...]

October 2018

WuJi – stance of primal energy

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Seminar One - Exploring WuJi PERSONAL ENERGY EXPLORATION How you stand is central to qigong and a healthy life. The approximate shoulder-width stance is referred to as Wuji and refers to a state of [...]