In one months time it will be the first evening of our New Forest Elemental Chi Kung Summer retreat. We’re heading up to Suffolk at the Inner Guidance Retreat Centre from June 1-4 and I cannot wait! I am so ready for a deeply resourcing time..are you?
In talking with the retreat centre owner, Jo de Rosa, she reports that this line of business and behaviour is increasing. With more and more of us so needing to step outside of the crazy mayhem to come into a truly kind, nourishing environment. However, I feel that we are inundated with Yoga and Meditation retreats, there’s a few Tai Chi ones and as yet, not many, or enough offering Chi Kung/Qigong.
Yes Yoga lovers will enjoy the graceful moving meditation ‘forms’ but also those who find Yoga a challenge or have a particular reason why its not right for them. Chi Kung is accessible for all, and its practice gives you unlimited access to your deep let-go and potent power-up point; and the beauty is that it goes everywhere with you, yoga mat or special clothing not required.
I’d love to see you there
Clara x