Reconnection and recollection.
As you may know, I’ve been on a marathon de-clutter for the last 18 months, including giving up a permanent home until recently, which has given me many opportunities to choose whether I wish to keep saved items and believe me, it is a gradual yet mighty process. Yes some things had an ‘obvious to recycle’ label, others have taken time to process where they can be best placed – I am hugely against trashing useful items, however, re-homing them in more appropriate places is an art..
I have, over the years, carried around, amongst other things, bags of fabric and stars, storing them in a variety of dry places until a regrouping, more recently and deciding where can I best place theses little acts of love. Each star-birth felt like that, an act of love, I do still enjoy the buzz of birthing a new star and sending it off in the world to offer snuggles and comfort.
This weekend I took several bags of said stars on my travels to various friends places in Brighton and London – it felt like they wanted to be out in the world, not stuffed up in an old carrier bag in the back of a wardrobe. I asked the children to help me ‘sort them out’ ie: which ones would you like? .. Bearing in mind I was en route to a ‘Celebration of Love’ party, to which I wished to take a good selection to offer as tokens of starry-love. As the children were choosing their favourite stars to keep, I chose a collection of hand held lovelies who wanted to come along to the party to play.
Carrying them in a dusty pink straw basket-box, I headed over to E2 when after a few minutes of chatting and being with assembled love-fools, I began to offer the old stars, as new, in a lucky rummage dip! Whereupon the people enticed by such colour and sparkliness became engrossed in choosing and their childlike curiousity overcame them as they all connected with a particular star, that spoke to their heart, to squidge there and then, to later take home in their pockets – Star love, soul love.
There was a record player and many albums and yes I found Changes One – Bowie 🙂
Here’s to all of you for being the stars that you are, thank you for being part of my love weekend and also for the re-connections I made with good old friends I’d not seen for so long, but just like the stars, even though we hadn’t seen each other for a while, we knew we were there, back grounding our lives with friendly sparkle.
More information on how to get hold of Rainbow Apollo Stars is coming soon.
Here’s an excerpt from my currently being written book ‘Chi is Key’ with the story on how Apollo Stars birthed themselves into the world.
“Many moons ago in the last millenium, I made birthday stars for friends, with offcuts from the pattern cutting room floor. I had been a costume designer and producer for over a decade, playing with fabric for as long as I can remember, but had been rendered unable to work due to a punishing RSI tenosynovitis on both forearms. As a single mum, money was tight as I was wondering what on earth I could turn my dysfunctional hands to, to be of service in some way. After varied treatments of physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage, Reiki, Chi Kung and rest, I slowly began to regain moderate use of my arms. I wanted to re-create – do something.
Living close to my sons primary school, our home was often a place to gather kids & parents after school hours and lots of the kids would be intrigued with the plethora of colours and fabrics in our home – with us parents complaining about the lack of craft classes at the school. I wondered if I could be of assistance in that department?
So, I offered an opportunity to make and create with funky fabric pieces once a month on a Saturday afternoon. With 6-10 mid-aged children, cutting out, pinning, sewing, sticking, painting and dyeing a variety of pictures, cushions, bags, belts and T shirts. Thoroughly immersed in the joy of creating, a beautiful learning and a producing of something tangibly theirs to take away and share with their families. I love someone making me something, it is infused with their creative attention, now these gorgeous kids were getting a ton of that, to make, create, give and receive – heart chi in full rounded flow <3 One Saturday our theme was the underwater world, with inspiration coming in from octopuses, shoals of fish, jellyfish, sea horses and of course starfish. The latter proved tricky to produce precisely due to the exact geometry of their 5 points. This captured my interest and when they had gone home I began to draw up a design to see what a starfish made of funky fabric would look like. Very nice indeed! Where would this lead I wondered?. It was a friends birthday, so I tuned into which colours she liked and her star-sign, getting that as everybody is a star and is indeed made of stardust; this starry opportunity began to stir my imagination juices and I found a healthy flow in my creativity again that was not going to ache my arms. The rest, as they say, is history as 'Apollo Stars' were born, but it was to take several years of making birthday stars and a move from London to the New Forest to develop them into a workable product as wheatie bags with natural fragrances and offer a range of sizes from hand held to floor cushions.