“I chose to launch my new book SOUL STORY with Conscious Living Events, because I knew they would lay on a truly magical evening. Clara Apollo and her wonderful team are the perfect hosts. As well as efficiently taking care of the organisational side of things, so that we had a great venue and a good crowd, they also created a beautifully relaxed and uplifting environment in which I could share some deep ideas. This meant that together we could give everyone who came an inspiring evening to remember.”

Right from the get go this was set to be an astonishing event. T!m is renowned for his expert delivery of philosophical information in a way that flicks lights on brightening minds and hearts. A truth trafficker in a market place of mostly misleading tosh, with an engaging story telling style and techniques to ensure we get it for real. T!m has written over 30 best selling titles and offers training and retreats around the world.
This evening was the launch of his most significant book to date ‘Soul Story’, an epically informed roll around emergent spirituality and the consequent observation of evolution throughout all levels of existence and understanding. Our souls are in crisis, modern day spirituality is in a mess, how can we develop our light with so much deception and pseudo ‘experts’ in the mix? T!m Freke is your man.

He delivers salient information, like how the now moment is made up of time’s accumulation meeting the potential of the possible and how we live in spirit imaginings that are made manifest, all helping us to create a new canvas of bang up to date reality to work and play with. T!m entertainingly ensures his findings land with good, wise, adroit humour with pertinent information that upholds his discourse, discussing any questions with inquisitive finesse.
Collating eons of experience across varied fields of gnosticism and ancient cultured spirituality, T!m talked about the individuation of soul and the past pull of pastivity – the weight of the accumulated past that pulls us back to more primitive levels of emergence. He is such a word-smith, which I love, creating new ones to help explain this developing area of research and experience, all listed in a glossary at the end of his book.

One of my favourites is psychosymbiosis – the symbiotic relationship between a soulstream and somastream that arrises when the soul re-incarnates.
Soulstream being a highly emergent time stream that experiences the soul dimension, for example you and I. Somastream being the human body understood as a type of lifestream.

T!m goes into explaining the widely accepted incorrect description of the beginning of our universe as a ‘big bang’, renaming it as a ‘moment zero’ as this is when time began; as he says it was not big and there was no bang as there were no ears to hear any kind of sound that may have been produced anyway. A fascinating approach that makes so much sense and yes he was running from one side of the room to the other with animated delivery and such fun!

T!m is a rich source of the kind of information we need these days to help us understand what we are actually doing in our lives, safely stepping away from the dysfunction of un-joined-up thinking most of our world rides with, to a more informed perspective of what to consider for our ongoing progress as individuals and as a collective. We now know there is way more to life than meets the eye and our curious natures lead us to teachers like T!m for a truth that resonates in the great barometer of our hearts. Therein lies the quest. What is true to you? Soul Story will assist your fervent search and have you becoming a champion for what is soulfully right and true for you, all the Way through.

We finished with a truly sweet moment of collective hand held soul beauty and I remember being at one of his first talks for Conscious Living Events several years ago now, where his taking us through a group heart centred process truly connected the delicious chi of the moment with each and everyone who was there – knowing the ripple effect would continue to work its magic as we unfurl ourselves further in this honest to goodness way of true being.
His end of talk pronouncement is so utterly on it that I will leave it to you to find that out from either reading this essential book or getting to see him in action.
He sums up the whole process with this succinct sentence;
“Life is good, Death is safe and what really matters is Love”

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