Bournemouth, 16th August 2017.

SIKA once again worked his true magic for everyone here – taking us on a real Sound Journey, deftly utilising a myriad of instruments; spanning the depths of didgeridoo tone and drum through to higher pitched whistles and flutes, with shakers, fans and breathing sound rhythm in between. The combined swoops of orchestrated sound penetrated many layers of our being, opening multi-dimensional activity, healing and Love .

Each of us responding uniquely, us all in this transition together. Some of his tuneful melodies were like a soothing lullaby which cajoled us into feeling so very safe in this out-of-time zone, as we travelled internally to realms of the ancestors, spirits and Divine Source. The end meditation was a sublime bask.

Sika says that humans absorb sound into our cells, not merely into our ears and minds. My bones were resonating gladly as my system relaxed into the safe space he created with his healing tones, this continues as the inner journey unfolds, playing his Sound Journey 2 album to extend the effects of this Sound Evening.

Thank you to Kath Flegg for all the photos creatively arranged – and to all my superb Top Team CLE; Zaza Phoenix, Sheela Hagan, Steph Adams, Anne-Marie and Simon Smale who were all on especially co-ordinated fine form for this evening of specialised floor management – I am truly grateful for all your attention to detail and superb abilities that created the positive result enjoyed by everyone there. One Love Top Team CLE. Feedback has been astonishing, thank you to all of you who have commented and continue to benefit from playing Sika’s music medicine.

See more about Sika on his website here