Many of us have experienced Reiki, those who have trained in the ancient healing art may well have WILLIAM LEE RAND on their lineage, I have, so it was an honour to talk with him when he was in Glastonbury as he usually resides in America where his Center for Reiki Training beams a huge worldwide presence along with his many books and collaborations. He talks about the different strands of Reiki, some of its history and his newly evolved ‘Holy FIre’ Reiki that he is bringing through and how that recently came about and where he teaches.

Another visitor from those shores is well known psychic and intuitive healer TORI HARTMAN who talks about how she helps many people use the wisdom of Chakras and colours to recognise the messages their unconscious minds are trying to communicate. Through her use of fables and real life instances Tori tells it like it is, peppered with aha’s all over and an easily wise and endearing style.

RICHARD ELLIS is one of our regular contributors and a wealth of knowledge on the real history or Reiki as well as a practical hands on – or off – approach to treatments and teaching. He has recently written another book – his most well known on is Reiki and the seven chakras. Richard picks up some of the topics raised by William Rand earlier and uncovers some of the key findings from his recent Reiki research. We continue our ongoing conversation about Reiki and Qigong and invite you to our weekend of training in the New Forest May 31/June 1.

JOUIS play us out with a sonic delight from their new album DOJO ‘New Moon’ as it is indeed there is one going on at time of broadcast and soundcloud upload – yep sometimes its full chi ahead on Chi Time!Your next Chi time is on the 10th June with an update from the BAREFOOT DOCTOR camp and his wisdom on enlightenment. More local people get us up to speed on some festival information and JULIE BRYANT – of Naked Dragon events – is going to be doing a Naked News roundup of the Mind Body Spirit festival from London last weekend and I will be playing more chilled out summery vibes tunes to capture our expressive and wonderful imaginations, which used wisely can change lives for the very much better indeed 🙂

Once again, thank you for listening your time is valuable, so if you have enjoyed the show, know there are several others to choose from and let you friends know, and please do ‘like’ our Chi Time page on Facebook .