In the chi/qi-zone, we engage the rooting down protocol to keep us connected to Mother Earth to ensure body harmonising and safe support to access spiritual realms. Most of us respond so well to being around bird song and trees, or at the beachside, in gardens, forests and other natural terrain. So why can surrendering to gravity feel a little scary or like a call to slumping? Because the mind thinks about it too much! Letting go into the support from beneath you relaxes any unneeded muscle tension and a sense of sturdiness can permeate up through your internal bony architecture to steady you all the way through. That sense of inner support can be taken everywhere you go, but how can you access this stability when not connected to the Earth? or when the place you are in is moving, like on a train, boat or plane?
Experimenting one day en route to Waterloo, I stood in the in-between compartments in my usual-after-all-these-years WuJi stance, that is feet shoulder-width apart with knees & ankles off lock, an ease in my pelvis, awareness of my long strong spine, with my shoulders relaxed and jaw too – easy breathing. Examining my customary rooting down on the move, I found it easy enough to imagine my long golden root extending to the centre of the earth, hooking its anchoring length to the centre. I got it! My stable connection with Mother Earth moves with me, because of this moveable effect I always have access to stability. I am anchored while on the move. I love this sense.
On a boat, the water acts like a buoyancy aid and is itself supported by Mother Earth.
On a plane, now you have me. I find myself anchoring upwards through my crown and enjoying the closer proximity to source. Obviously I am strapped into the aircraft, doused liberally with lavender, maintaining an olfactory connection with my physical form and, via ear buds, hearing 432hz music as I drift off and trust in my fate so high above the Earth I call Mother.
We know walking barefoot in Nature does create a calm harmony in body, mind and soul, science has proved it too, the magnetic arrangement has it so contrived that at the soles of our feet we hold a map of our entire body, so it seems logical to be out on the Earth naked like this when at all possible. Where’s the problem? Surely strolling in Nature is a friendly activity – yes and no, as it wholly depends upon where you are walking. Here in the Hut with no name (HWNN) on a cliff side called Wiggle, in Cornwall UK, I dare not venture out barefoot onto the true planet surface, unless I get trussed up in wellies, leg wear, long sleeved top, shades and often a large handkerchief masking my nose and mouth. Great for not getting sun burnt and hopefully, and more importantly, not attracting any unwelcome critters or pollen. Nature is my foe in these circumstances.
Creature-wise, I am referring to ticks, midges and potentially adders. Yes this is Deer country and although I have yet to see one, their droppings can be recognised and the prevalence of ticks seals it. I love deer, truly one of my favourite animals, but as with everything I am finding in my Taoist travels, for every yin there is a yang. Nothing is every perfect, except it all is. When I get to paradox, or as author Tim Freke calls ‘paralogical’ thinking, I know I am surfing right on the nub of truth.
Nature has teased me each summer since I can remember with the onset of lighter nights and deeper heat, I have been subject to grass pollen allergies and have tried pretty much everything to manage this. Currently I am on meds, apple cider vinegar and local honey – ok I lie, its from Austria, but at least it was local to where I lived there! I avoid sugar & alcohol, which can set off massive sneezing, but find the single most effective way is to stay indoors and not engage in breathing the pollen laden air. The ‘kerchief – especially when dampened enables me to venture safely outside.
As a Leo, the HWNN I am surrounded with seating grass heads unaware of their irritants to some humans. Totally gorgeous view over the English Channel, see above and to my right across the bay to the Lizard end of England. Bobbing boats play nice here with speeding wake boarders and massive battleships. The sea air is one of the most replenishing ways to reenergise, it being stoked with negative ions, very healthful, when clear of pollen, for me. In the evening, I don afore mentioned attire and armed with shears get out there and cut the grass down to size thinking that somehow I can be in control of it! There is only so much I can do as I risk ticks launching themselves at my swathed form, only to turn up the following day nestled into a crevice on my body or in the middle of my back, where I can’t reach. Only today a cheeky one had nipped at my nipple, not erotic, with the subsequent itching certainly not being sexy, itching never has been, aside from itching to see ones lover.
You can see how despite my fervent love for Mother Nature I do have to be aware of playing to her rules which got me to wondering how it was for people who live in stiflingly hot or tremendously cold climates, war zones or where dangerous animal are at large. How is their relationship with Mother Nature? How is it for you? I’d love to know.
Friend or FOE? Friend Of the Earth! I think I just answered the question. Always a Friend to the Earth, she is my home, but paying attention to where I am on Her and how thus interacting affects my constitution. Discernment. Choice. Respect. Gratitude.
Thanks to Kenneth Cohen for an inspiring conversation that led to this writing.