We began 2017 with the amazing Barbara Margaret Meiklejohn-free and Flavia Kate Peters.  It truly was an experience to remember …

This was a life-changing workshop of story-telling, drumming and ritual as you tracked your past lives to discover who you really are.

  • We chanted our names, some people chose new ones.
  • There was a group realisation of facing fears of the past, from the fear of heights, drowning, spiders, snakes and frogs.
  • We healed any original wounding that is holding us back in this lifetime.
  • There was a powerful arrow breaking sequence where several brave warriors stood up against their fears and called in a power word.
  • The Shamanic Journey of the Soul took us to an inner place in the Summerlands where we saw who we really are and owned it.
  • Topped off with a truly remarkable Egyptian Oil Ceremony listening to sounds of the drum from the Kings Chamber Pyramid.
  • I feel so blessed to have shared these phenomenal women with you.

Some of their tracks are included in this episode of Chi Time:

About Barbara & Flavia

BARBARA MEIKLEJOHN-FREE – Renowned as the UK’s best loved and hardest working ‘wisdom keeper’ – award winning and best selling author, teacher, advocate and protector of the great Earth-centred traditions, Barbara has been working with Spirit since the age of 12. Drawing on her extensive work with the Native American traditions as well as that of many other indigenous cultures, including her own Pagan heritage, she is a recognized expert in assisting people to explore ‘the calling’, to part-take in ‘vision questing’ and introduce the lost arts of ‘initiations’ as well as hosting rites, rituals and ceremonies across the world.


FLAVIA KATE PETERS is a popular mystic, best selling author and speaker who, since childhood, has always communed effortlessly with the angels and spirits of nature. Now she teaches others how to affiliate and work with these mystical beings. Having worked with Doreen Virtue PhD, Flavia has been heralded as the new generation of teachers of the Angelic and Faery realms. She regularly graces the pages of Spirit and Destiny, FAE Magazine to name but a few, and is a regular speaker/workshop leader on the Mind Body Spirit circuit.  Flavia is a Sundoor Firewalk Instructor and helps others to face their fears, in order to break free and embrace their life purpose.  Her authentic and honest approach makes her a most sought after and respected teacher.

www.flaviakatepeters. com