It was suggested somewhere that when we received our first new shiny £5 note to donate it to charity – where this is indeed a commendable act, I also believe that charity can begin at home.

Back in my independant parenting days, I had little spare dosh to spend on just me. I had an idea, spawned from a beckoning rainbow coloured envelope, daring me to save a note or two, just for me. Yes I’d had saved £1 before, but these are bulky, usually on display in a jar, so easily dip in-able. My dare was to check my wallet at the end of the day, and if a £5’er had made it unused, I would slide it into the rainbow envelope, itself hiding, slinked between two books on wealth and abundance on the bookshelf.

When we place our attention on something, that energy grows, as I tuned into the appreciation of the collecting notes, this actually helped them increase, I became a portal of positive opportunity which gradually grew into a sum I could exchange for something that I longed for, usually a massage! When I had enough for a treatment I would gaily count the notes, bundle them back into my wallet to exchange for a real-treat and still leave one note left in the rainbow envelope, containing the attraction magic for others to be drawn in. A tiny Citrine stone aided and abetted this process, I also keep one in my walk-about wallet too.

I appreciated the representation of what the notes were doing for me and began to alter my relationship with money, well, Magic £5’ers. I started to save them in said wallet, folding them away from the spending side, opting to not buy something as wished to add another £5’er to my growing collection.
I’d arrange payment for cash goods to include my receiving a £5 in change.  My approach to self value was shifting. There was a physical place in my life with a focus on remunerative appreciation, this was new to prioritise me equally to the needs of my growingly bountiful boy, in this one instance and I had made a game out of it; it wasn’t about loving money, it was and still is about its facilitatory action. Subconsciously I saw a growing faith in me to provide for myself, a new pattern of green note seeds accruing towards a positive goal. I even saved up for some trainings this way and certain excursions around the ‘Charity Boutiques’.

However small the initial effort, the more defined the pattern became, it gradually grew in my consciousness, reflected externally by the gathering notes.
I have often shared versions of this story to people who have challenges of a similar kind and even now a minimum exchange can be for a ‘Magic £5’er’. There is a sparkle of magic in this game and I’m sad that the new note has missed the opportunity to have at least one 5-pointed star on it, let alone the numerological associations of it.
Be your own charity – invest in something to enhance your own inner way.

PS. Here’s a video where the new £5 note is being used to play a pertinent tune, I’d like to try & play music with mine too, if only I still had a record deck and access to my vinyl collection – now residing with my son, who in fact alerted me the very fact that you can indeed use a fresh crisp new plastic £5’er and play a song. True that!

Magic £5’er plays vinyl record