Testimonial by Lucinda Drayton:

“Clara Apollo and Conscious Living Events are people who care about the world and the Events they put on.
They pay attention to detail and have created a warm community of like minded souls. I feel sure these events are going to have ripples of good feelings and hope for our world which is so much in need .. I’m glad to be a small part of the wave….Thank you.”  Lucinda Drayton

Lucinda Drayton and Marcus Cliffe ‘The True Spirit of Christmas’ – Evening Concert

By Clara Apollo

“This special evening brought a dream come true for me, to be in the presence of the sublime songstress Lucinda Drayton, accompanied by her extremely talented multi-instrumental partner Marcus Cliffe. Together they delivered a heavenly host of divine songs, stories and a sublime meditation, commencing with I Will Rise – a sumptuous way to begin.

Lucinda sung us through a considered repertoire from her extensive back catalogue, with Marcus swinging from playing astonishing piano to skillful guitar picking, plus arrangements inside the high tech gadgetry enabled a full orchestra to accompany Starchild at one point; these sounds all wove together through a high end Bose PA system and, with the wonderful acoustics in the theatre, was so pure, melodic and harmonious, a true sonic healing treat for any body, mind and soul. So wonderful to share with the gathered community of friends.

At the completion of some tracks, she would let the resonance hang … as we basked in the sense of it all … before breaking into rapturous applause. Yes we sung a few carols, nattily dispersed between her wonderful numbers, finishing with a whole audience participation of Silent Night – simply unforgettable.

Lucinda is one of those rare stars to behold, easy to chat with, often quite funny, she has such a natural way of accessing the higher frequencies, each note pitch perfect, whilst maintaining a clear connection to her humanity and humour. Towards the end she led us through a stunning mediation which then gently opened into her biggest known tune to date the 100,000 angels.

Thank you Lucinda and Marcus for transporting us to a world of harmony, bliss, peace and humour, for those moments are now gone in time, but forever stilled in a shared memory of heart tingling authentic lightness and depth, love it!”

Lucinda wrote her first song aged six and has been writing poetic lyrics and intoxicating melodies ever since.

In 1994 she co wrote a number one hit “The Real Thing” for Toni Di Bart.

1995 saw her sign to EMI publishing and EDEL records to create the album ‘Suicidal Angel’ which was released to critical acclaim, with the single receiving 6 weeks air play on Radio One. ‘To Be Loved’ from this album was remixed for a relaunch in 2015.

Lucinda then began her spiritual journey by meditating regularly. This brought about a change in the music and she was dropped by her record and publishing company. The new music had a different kind of message, with the intention to create a sound with beauty and depth that could enhance spiritual awareness and transformation.

Lucinda has been practicing meditation and teaching now it for 20 years.

The practice lead to the creation of the seminal album ‘A Hundred Thousand Angels’ which is played all over the world in many different contexts and has sold  well over 100,000 copies. Lucinda  is now  invited all over the world to perform at gatherings of world leaders, at peace conferences and  in numerous spiritual centres. She has sung in The Albert Hall and Wembley Stadium, London,  The Washington Press Office, The Pyramids in Mexico, The Agape spiritual centre in  LA,  as well as venues across Australia India and  Europe, She has sung and spoken in Prisons, hospitals, Monastery s, Schools and Hospices.

Lucinda sings from the heart to the heart and has recently completed her 9th studio album.  Her work is dedicated to raising human awareness, and her own personal journey has led her to train as a counsellor.  Lucinda runs workshops all over the world on empowering the Self, using meditation and music to access the Divine.

Her ability to create sacred space with her presence and her voice is uniquely powerful and very accessible.

Lucinda is a registered member of the BACP as a qualified counsellor. As such, she works with people in groups and one to one and leads workshops all over the world.

Complete with tracks from her new album ‘The Road Least Travelled’ plus previous songs, Lucinda offers an insightful and deeply honest interview about her music and mediation practice. As a teacher and performer, Lucinda shares incredibly astute natural wisdom, leaving you clearer on your life story offering new perspectives on ways to proceed.

Trust runs like a river of calm throughout Lucinda’s integral approach as she inspires you to trust yourself more and more. You can also bask in a beautiful meditation to complete her Chi Time interview too: