We are at a pivotal time on our planet, this festive season has had many of us questioning the old behaviours of Christmas’ past adopting a new view on how we can make a different for our future on our people troubled planet. One of the words of last year that came up time and again with the various erudite guests I had the honour of interviewing on Chi Time Radio, was interdependence – of course I love that the word dance is in on the end of that, as in true Taoist tradition the yin and yang are in a perpetual dance with one another through us. Back to interdependence with each of us being reliant on something or another – with others relying on us for similar, brings to question how we can be of true service to humanity at these changing times?
Obviously we need to be strong and healthy to be of service, to be able to rely on ourselves. An underpinning of robustness is required. We can access this in a number of ways, I am sure you know of a few, but how high up your list of priorities are you? Over 20 years ago now, I was a burned out single Mum of a spirited youngster and I felt aged – probably from years of living a rather rock and roll lifestyle coupled with my profession of being a costume designer. Long story short, I injured myself with tenosynovitis, or the inability to use my arms without it being incredibly painful. Has that ever happened to you? After the shock of losing my livelihood I looked at the situation as an opportunity to develop a log another line, and found Chi Kung, Reiki and Meditation. I have been teaching these supportive self practise for over 15 years now and would like to invite you to explore if you are interested…
Here is the beginning words of the current training page on this website;
‘Are you fascinated by natural energy and wonder how you can access unlimited supplies for your own needs and for friends, family or clients?
The practice of Chi Kung, with natural mindful movements, leading kindly into easier meditation, show you how you can deftly access these tried and tested methods, that will help you to gather unlimited resource to activate your near and far future with balance, clarity and grace. Chi Kung practice can be found at the roots of all true Martial Arts.
Come and have a go for yourself – words can only elude to a truer experience.
The first day of a new 4 month Foundation Course for Practitioner Training is also an OPEN DAY, to come and play!
Saturday 6th February 2016
9.30am – 5pm
Boldre Memorial Hall – New Forest
If you already work with energy, Chi Kung can offer you authentic techniques to clear any latent toxicity and activate meridian line flow. This enables an activation of energy centres and a gathering of nourishing Chi, making you a more effective practitioner of any of the Energy Medicine arts. Many people have observed that on finding Chi Kung it feels recognisable, like coming home to yourself more deeply. Some say it is like finding the missing pieces of jigsaw that fill their energetic picture of life. I would like to add a multidimensional aspect here too, Chi Kung helps to connect us with all our levels of conscious awareness with a smooth, reflective, considerate, nurturing kindness. That said, often old patterns come up for clearing and uncomfortable attitudes also; we trust the process, attempt to not get involved in the drama and apply compassion, clearing and yes more kindness, to any healing process.
Chi Kung gives you a stable foundation on the Earth and inner connection to Spirit which facilitates a safe arena for heart opening, attracting like-hearted people and accessing high vibration interdependence.
Chi Kung movements are not difficult, yes concentration is required to begin with, then as you get to know the mechanics, the repetition of the form allows a subtle sense of Chi to pervade, appearing in different ways and gifting you with some aha moments. The moves do help co-ordination and balance in the broadest sense and you are always encouraged to practice at a level and pace which suits you.
Chi Kung is not about what you look like whilst practicing, rather how it feels to be.
Try a whole day of immersing you in the power of your Chi!
See training page for more details or contact me via chimail64@gmail.com