From a seed of an idea to THIS packed out teeming at the seams show – amazing!

Stepping off from their massive world tour for a very special evening here in Bournemouth, Danny Cudd & Markus Offbeat set up tones in a huge hotel room with their apparently effortless rhythms and melodies. From the exciting dance tracks to deeply trance-like invitations to just Be in musical meditation. The room was packed with like-hearted souls communing in the midst of this extraordinary event. Hang Massive are artists of the highest calibre, with an added easy of humour with true camaraderie.

My Top Team CLE are stars to work with too, resource-full, creative and swift – we transformed a huge hotel function room into an exotic festival zone, hung massively with tie-dyed drapes, bunting, prayer flags and fairy-lights.

A perfect background for Danny and Markus to play their soul-full rhythmic melodies and share on point pertinent real-life truths. High integrity here, with entrancing, connective Love in flow. The BEST!

Some feedback from the audience;

“Transcendental balm to wash away the abrasive veneer of the exterior world. Pure spiritual lubrication. Fluid, whole sounds, full of sweetness, permeated through all the mind’s doorways. Thank you Hang Massive.” Katie Pitney

‘Enjoyment fulfilled – First time I’ve seen these guys play live. Won’t be the last. Wonderful chilled and relaxed evening. ” Barry O’Connor

“Had the best time this evening, the sounds were incredible, was blown away to see HM in person live in Bournemouth”  Rochelle Mourgue

“Fantastic night with Big Love in the room” Amber Sibley

Thank you for being there – here’s to the next time!

Here’s Danny and Markus with their most well know track to date, Once Again.

Here they are talking with Clara on Chi Time TV