Voice Liberation Workshop with Suntara

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Get Your Voice Out!

Vocal Freedom Workshop

Get your voice out! Overcome the fear and doubt!

Discover the secrets of true vocal freedom.

Calling all singers, wanna-be singers, shower singers, “I love to sing but never sing in front of other people” singers and everyone who wants to improve their voice in some way. This workshop is for you.

This workshop is also for if you  “Just want to be heard”. Maybe your parents never listened to you or your spouse doesn’t listen to you. This workshop will also help you to reclaim your voice and speak up!

In this exciting one-day workshop you will:

  • Learn the secrets to freeing your voice that no singing teacher will every tell you
  • Improve your voice dramatically without years of practice using a simple technique that you can do anywhere
  • More forward with your life by clearing obstacles using sound.
  • Discover how to use your voice to heal yourself and others
  • Sing like a Tibetan monk, learn the basics of Throat / Harmonic Singing and much more….

    Only 20 places, no concessions, early birds or special offers. A one-off extraordinary opportunity to experience your vocal wealth with a world-class Master.

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About Suntara

Daniel Coates (Suntara) is passionate about helping others free their authentic voice. In 2006 Daniel experienced a profound and life changing healing with an Opera Singing Shaman in Oxford, England which showed him the power of sound for healing and gave him the keys to unlock vocal freedom. Since then Daniel has been working with his voice and sound, constantly discovering new ways to use the voice including channeling sound, tuvan/tibetan throat singing, ethereal chanting and singing for healing.

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“Daniel helped shift the shackles of things that had stopped me doing what I needed to do to be content and fulfilled in my life here and now. I can never repay him for that. If you are thinking of seeing Daniel just do it!”

Allison Morris, Hypnotherapist, Sydney Australia

“Daniel channels the love of the Divine through his beautiful sound healings. Transformational and much needed work for our people & our earth. Thank you Daniel, for listening to your hearts calling….”

Prem Williams - Sacred Earth Music

“Brilliant! I would highly recommend a session with this amazing healer”

Trish Rock, Healer, Canberra, Australia

See and hear Suntara in Cambodia in an ancient temple.

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