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‘Harmonia’ Voice & Sound Healing

Evening workshop 7.30-10pm

TALLULAH will guide you sweetly though Qi Gong relaxation exercises to gently ease your body and calm your mind. Then some gentle voice warm ups will support the relaxation of your nervous system and nurture individual connection to voice.
In unison, we will explore how our individual and collective voices can be used for healing. Share in song and playful harmony before entering into a visualisation meditation to set our private intentions for the sound journey.
We’ll then be ready for a Yoga Nidra leading into the sound healing itself where Tallulah combines her angelic and hypnotic voice with Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, sacred song and shamanic drumming.
The focus is on heart opening, grounding, manifestation and surrendering that which no longer serves, to gift space for that which is in better alignment with your true Being, destiny and purpose.
The aim of this workshop is to;
  • Actively  empower with sound, mantra and visualisation
  • Nurture, hold and create sacred space to transform baser elements into your alchemical gold
  • Explore how this can be achieved through personal and collective sound vibration, qi gong and prayer.

This process is keenly supported through Tallulah’s knowledge of Sound, Qi Gong, Chinese Medicine & Somatic Therapy.

“The toning sounds we create individually and collectively combined with song and harmony, the sounds and vibrations created by the gongs and Himalayan singing bowls collectively support the relaxation of our nervous system and enable the parasympathetic nervous system to engage; this is the system that supports rest & digest and thus self-healing. It is often said that the more time we spend with our parasympathetic nervous system engaged the healthier and more resourced we are as individuals.”

“This workshop teaches ways for the individual to access this on their own, exploring tools for resourcing that can be integrated into everyday life as well as facilitating a sonic space for deep release, play, nurturing and the exploration and setting of intentions.”Tallulah

To access her new Mantra and Meditation album, go to this link on her website.

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About Tallulah

Tallulah Rendall is a Singer-Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Producer, Sound Therapist, Qigong Teacher & Creative Facilitator.

Hailing from London, Tallulah has lived pretty much everywhere, her Dad is Australian so was in Sydney for a while and began singing at the age of six and playing the guitar at fourteen.

Having learnt to maintain her health through a mix of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and nutrition plus training in qigong and sound therapy, Tallulah is an inspiration in the wellbeing support of others, including the birthing of Wild Singing and creative facilitation workshops, sound journeys and one-to-one sound therapy sessions.

Nominated for the Woman of the Future Arts & Culture Award in 2014 and hailed as ‘London’s most creative woman’ by AOL, Tallulah was  one of the first artists to introduce crowdfunding in 2006 with her first EP Without Time. She has since crowdfunded, released and toured three albums;  Libellus (2009), Alive (2011 and The Banshee And The Moon (2014).

Celebrated by Latitude Festival for her “Voice of an angel”, she was the first musician to introduce Living Room Tours across the UK. She also performed in Trafalgar Square as part of Antony Gormley’s One & Other project and has played to thousands at festivals worldwide, including Glastonbury and The Secret Garden Party. Tallulah has also successfully placed music in films, including Time Fades in the number one iTunes hit Truth or Dare.

Tallulah travels worldwide weaving her beautiful voice with guitar, drum, gongs and Himalayan singing bowls. Her many facilitated sound journeys in 2018 included a Sound Bath Healing Meditation at The Tate Modern in London.

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