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Are you ready to upgrade your inner Starlight?

Join us for a Sunday morning of movement, flow and sparkling Starlight chi!

We are delighted to be joining forces again to bring you a light-fuelled combination of colour with qigong.

Korani’s “Starlights” are a set of delicious dazzling coloured essences and oils, an off-shoot of the wondrous Colour Mirrors system, brought through to help us access and anchor all our starry qualities right here on earth.

The Starlights open the way for simplicity, beauty and truth. They awaken in us our dormant potential and connect us with a higher frequency way of life.

Combined with the power of the age-old and ever-expanding personal energy practice of Clara’s Elemental Qigong, the result eases a super-potency indeed!

In this workshop we will explore

  • specific movements
  • breath work
  • magical Starlight meditations

The ‘wow’ factor of this combination is exponential!

Usher in peace, expansion, stillness and inspired flow. Open portals into your own high frequency light and energy. Bring a fresh freedom to your body and soul.

Come join us, to nourish your chakras and replenish your spiritual reserves – just in time for the festive season..

This special introductory workshop will pave the way for more in-depth explorations of Starlight Qigong to follow in 2019. Next date Sunday 10 March.

Investment: £44 per person payable in advance or as cash on the day. Please let us know if you are interested.

Together, Clara and Korani provide a totally unique and synergistic method to upgrade your energy system to unwaveringly hold the next level of light for you.


Cecil Memorial Hall, Cranborne

Water Street, Cranborne, BH21 5QE, Dorset, England

About Korani & Clara

This picture is from around 5 years ago with Melissie in the middle. We met in 2006 via our mutual love of the Colour Mirrors system. Korani began her Colour Mirrors journey a couple of years earlier and trained as a practitioner and teacher, offering readings, healing and workshops with the amazing coloured oils and essences. Clara followed suit a few years later, astounded at the miraculous ways Colour supported and synergised with Qigong. Something profound slotted into place.

Colour as a language holds deep potency, there is nowhere to hide and nothing is ‘wrong’.  Korani focused on teaching teachers and writing about colour, plus attended Clara’s weekly Qigong sessions. From there we became so very inspired – and excited, we produced succession of ‘Colour Chi Kung’ workshops. This continued for a good few years. We feel that Starlight Qigong is a natural continuation of this.

In 2012 Korani brought through the Starlight series and her stellar connections began to deepen. Clara has always been drawn to the stars, so it made sense to let the Starlight bottles now speak through qigong movement and meditations.

Korani is privileged to work closely with Melissie Jolly the founder of Colour Mirrors and Clara, honoured to have Grand Master Ken Cohen as her Qigong teacher.

Clara says; “Korani is a portal of light, in all its rainbow colours. She powerfully stands in this light and delivers extraordinary meditations that are truly transformational and life-changing. Her attention to the highest impeccable light of spiritual guidance and love is transferred to you in her presence.”

Korani says; “Clara is a fountain of knowledge, a truly wise soul and a radiant being who emanates gentleness and love. She brings clear, solid, grounded guidance to support, encourage and inspire you on your path, helping you to raise your vitality and increase wellbeing, self-compassion and joy.”

See Korani’s website here

Watch Clara and Korani introduce Starlight Qigong.

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