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Seminar Four – Balance and Stillness

Deeply key work, this focus increases confidence and gives s p a c e to practice your physical balance, via various weight transfer exercises plus specific movements to engender internal energy balance. Loads of fun exploring the extent of ones physical balance, always bringing the condensed information back to the Dantien reservoir. This is your centre of physical balance.

We’ll explore the Yin Yang symbol to promote this Fire and Water balancing dance and look at some theory including the paradoxical nature of being via the Tao de Ching. How does this play out in your life?

Qigong walking is introduced, combining various techniques. Sensing the Earth beneath your feet and the quality of the air, sounds of nature and expansion to the sky is a truly meditative experience, many say is their favourite part of the training. We include Qigong walking outside in nature whenever possible.

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