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Seminar Two – The Dantien

The Dantien is more commonly known as the lower Dantien,  or ‘sea of chi’ and is situated just below the navel. Dantien means ‘Elixir field’ and although it has a ‘one point’ at its centre, generally you will sense it as a quality that expands and condenses depending on the qigong forms you practice and how often you apply these techniques. It is supported by the Water Element.

This lower Dantien is where we commence all practice as a foundation to the other energy centres at the heart and middle of the mind. It is a pivotal place to get to know, essential for gathering your chi into its reservoir-like sense. We connect with this foundation energy centre through breath and movement,  awareness and intention. Gathering qigong forms will be explored by noticing how all movement is generated from this place, and returned back as a collection art. This is also your centre of physical balance, of deep resource, processing and flow.

Your internal perspective to this space will be explored, which becomes a steady focus for meditation. By getting to know and be able to work with this rejuvenating centre effectively, you will access untold levels of natural energy plus activate the middle Dantien at the heart and upper Dantien at the 3rd eye.

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