EQPTC.1#1 Exploring WuChi

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Seminar One – Exploring Wu Chi

How you stand is a central tenet of qigong. The stance is referred to as Wu chi or Wuji. This refers to a state of emptying and becoming a vessel for chi to gather, store and flow. Looking at your postural alignment, we’ll explore movements which unwind tensions in joints and muscle groups then return back to the stance to notice any effect.  By increasing the awareness of your bony architecture, and associated structures, stress and tension can leave the system, creating space to restore vitality.

Making a good connection to the Earth by surrendering ti gravity and rooting down is another key,  along with the gentle lengthening of the back of the neck to open the top of the spine, following the line up through the crown and towards the heavens. When you activate these principles, you become the dance between the cosmos and the planet, these incredible forces unite in you to create fresh vitality. All this and more will be explored. Included are hand outs, book suggestions and videos to support your ongoing practice. For teacher trainers there is home-study relevant to each seminar, and you are asked to keep a practice journal. More information on enquiry.

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