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EQTT1#1£150.00Please bring - yoga mat, cushion, light blanket. Water, lunch, notepad & pencil. Empty cup! Herbal teas will be provided. Free car parking is available. Tickets are not refundable, possibly tranferrable. See terms and conditions on the CLE website from the drop down 'About' menu above right.

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Explore YOUR Qigong with this first weekend

Thereafter the seminars will be dedicated to people who have signed up. This session is for you to try, before you consider the programme. You can do both days or just the Saturday.

Seminar One – WuJi and the Earth Element

How you stand is central to qigong and a healthy life.
Your connection to Mother Earth is a powerful awareness to work with. Sinking into her support plus being in nature is a fundamental tenet for all qigong practice and your overall health. The Wuji approximate shoulder-width stance refers to a state of emptying old tension and toxic chi to become a clear vessel for fresh natural vitality to enter, gather, store and flow. This we will explore by referencing postural alignment using movements to unwind and still postures to resource.
By increasing awareness of how you use your ‘bony architecture’ and associated structures, stress and tension can be encouraged to leave the system, creating space to restore vitality. Attending to ones physicality also calms the mind ready for meditation.
Connecting with the Earth element is vital here. A surrendering to gravity and rooting down is the first port of call in all qigong practice, this gives a great foundation. The standing posture is explored by gently lengthening the spine, with a sense of sitting in the hips, and travelling up through the natural curves to the back of the neck, opening the top of the spine, following the line up through the crown and towards the heavens. When you activate these principles, you become the dance between the Cosmos and the Earth. These incredible forces unite in you to create fresh inspiration and vitality.
This is an experiential time for you to uncover your Wuji. Included are hand outs, book suggestions and videos to support your ongoing practice. For teacher trainers there is home-study relevant to each seminar, and you are asked to keep a practice journal. More information on enquiry.
Ideal for anyone interested in developing body – mind – spirit harmony.

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