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Seminar Five Central Channels ~ Earth/Air/Metal

Continuing with the theme of balance with the study of the spine, noting the relationship of the head to the pelvis and how everything orientates itself around this centre line. We consider other central structures and focus on energy pathways, extra-ordinary meridian lines, exploring how we can increaase their flow and quality of chi.

Clearing forms will be explored, plus transverse structures and the only horizontal energy highway. We’ll integrate the physical alignment of the spine and other central structures with a connection to the Cosmos and Earth.

Standing postures really power this up. Activation of the small and great heavenly circulation (micro-cosmic orbit). Part of the Primordial Qigong routine will be introduced.

Including the elemental consideration of Air and Metal as the consolidation of the information gathered so far on the course intergrates its sure essence within you. A discussive exploration links the Air with the Chinese 5 element theory Metal via breath work/play and increasing lung chi to produce the protective ‘wei chi’.

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