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What is Qi?

How does the practice of Qigong help to reset the body’s entire healing system bringing tranquility, vitality, longevity and spiritual regeneration to practitioners of all ages?

Watch the first episode of the 9 part series with different Master’s takes on what qi/chi is and how you can access yours.

This documentary series, produced and directed by Sharron Rose, features Taoist Masters and scholars Lorelei Chang, Dr. Effie Chow, Master Mantak Chia, Master Ken Cohen, Dr. Kim Engard, Francesco Garripoli, Master Mingtong Gu, Paul Hannah,M.D., Andieas Hofmann, Lee Holden Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD, Lonny Jarrett, Master Jianye Jiang, Sifu Ama Lia Wai-Ching Lee, Daisy Lee, Li Jing, Master Li Junfeng, William Martino, Sifu Matthew, John P Milton, Master Robert Peng, Red Sarber, Karin Sorvik, Jampa Stewart, Solala Towler, Grandmaster Wang Rengang, Jay Weidner and Kiara Windrider.

It reveals how to harness and channel life force energy to recover natural suppleness of body, mind and spirit through the ancient healing and contemplative science of the Tao.

After the interval, we will be introducing one of the contributors to the movie, Sifu Ama Lia Wai-Ching Lee who will offer a demonstration of some qigong for you to experience and a transmission of healing beyond belief.

When delivering her for the recent presentation for the Shift Network Quantum Qi summit – her internal alchemy healing was so extraordinarily full of light and connection to blast through to the core of who you are into the quantum field of all possibility and high level of healing. To have her in the country at this time is a true treat – she hails from Singapore and the USA.

The following day Ama Lia will be offering a 2 hour Master class from 2-4pm

See here for more details.

This is a fund-raising event for the Quantum Qi movie to help Sharron continue to edit the spectacular and deeply informative Quantum Qi documentaries.

Doors open at 6.45 for a 7.30 start.

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“I first met Wai Ching at a Conference in India over 2 years ago. Since then she has visited our clinic in London, UK and we were able to experience first hand her work with Energy. We had a need to improve the environment in the clinic to help create a more vibrant and healing atmosphere and one that would inspire patients during their attendance. This lady has a special ability! Not only did she help us achieve what we set out to do but my personal experience in working with her enabled me to experience her true ability to detect and manipulate energy. I also had a sporting injury of the forearm that improved significantly after just one of Wai Ching’s treatment sessions. I could not recommend her more highly.”

Dr Nyjon Eccles MRCP PhD, Medical Director, The Chiron Clinic, Harley St, London

About Ama Lia

Wai-Ching Lee, is a natural healer and medical intuitive descended from a lineage of traditional healers on both her paternal and maternal sides. She has combined her innate ability in healing with experiential mystical experiences in cross cultural contexts and academic study of the phenomena and practice, resulting in 30 years of adult experience in the field of holistic healing, human ecology and consciousness.
Since 1992 she’s been in collaboration with Integrative Medicine medical professionals all over the world as a referral practitioner, teacher, co-researcher and designer of holistic programmes plus personal experience with cancer prevention and care and work in Bio- energy/Vibrational/Holistic/Quantum Medicine.

“It’s in my DNA, in my blood. My great grandfather was a Chinese physician to the Sultan of Selangor in Malaysia.
On my mother’s side I have six aunts who are also mystical. We are of the Peranakan heritage – Chinese merged with the culture of Southeast Asia. I accompanied my grandmother around the house with frankincense smouldering on charcoal, which set the tone for my work in space clearing with hotel and villa developers, retail shops, spas, clinics, work spaces and residences. I was featured on the front cover of a Singapore newspaper as “Madam Glam Ghostbuster”. I grew up with all the healing arts, including making our own face powder according to the full moon, receiving massages and cooking with herbs in the most creatively delicious ways. My aunts and I bathed in floral waters to purify the aura.  This was part of my education, it’s not learned from a book”.

In 2017 Ama Lia was invited for an investiture of the title of Dame Rev. Dr. by the Sacred Medical Order of the Hospitallers of the Knights of Hope and is in the process of writing a book “Consciousness of Cancer”.

One current project is this documentary series Quantum Qi, which aligns the ancient wisdom of Qi Gong with the modern quantum science of healing. Her work consciously bridges ideas, people and organisations to create new paradigms and efficiency in the movement of evolutionary human beings with other states of consciousness.

See AmaLia’s website here



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