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Would you be intrigued to learn more about how to use your singing bowls or gong more creatively?

With so many gong baths and sound healings around, are you interetsed in developing, and honing your skills?

Explore how the steadying art of qigong, plus specific vocal sounds, can prepare you for this high frequency modality.

This hands on workshop will be explorative, informative and fun, to give you sound inspiration, clarity and rejuvenation to underpin everything else you do.

Healing Sounds Qigong – with Clara 10am -1pm
Shake out and unwind body and mind tension to let go of stresses. Create space to attract in fresh new chi. Using a range of simple to follow moves and considerations being led by your breath, lands you in your presence and present moment.

The morning will evolve into exploring specific chakra attuning sounds with easy movements to embody the power of the self-made sounds, and will complete by singing a mantra together in preparation for meditation and a gentle gong bath with RJ.

Sound healing workshop – with RJ 2pm- 5pm

Rj will gift us a sounding bowl meditation after lunch, then he will introduce what he can share and invite us to attune with our frequency and that of the sound healing instruments.Bring your favourite crystal or singing bowl to learn some new techniques for inviting more high vibrations in to your life and the lives of the people you care for. There will be time to practice our new found skills.
If you do not have a bowl, please let us know and we will source one for you – although we highly recommend that you do get one as this afternoon workshop is to help develop the relationship with your bowl(s).

Would you like to master gong playing? RJ will share key protocols to add to your own techniques.

The day completes with a relaxing sound mediation as you integrate the workings of the day.

Clara and RJ have known one another for many years, having met on an EFT/Emotrance training. They ran a series of successful ‘Chakra Chi Kung’ workshops back in the day – then Rj left to live in Chiang Mai, Thailand for many years. He is back for a little while more and due to the popularity of the last ‘Day of Play’ this workshop re-called itself into being,  for us to share the continuing supportive evolution of qigong and sound healing.

No previous experience of either qigong or sound healing is necessary as your curiousity is the key.

If you do not have a bowl, please let us know and we will source you one to play on the day.

We have added a Donation ticket to assist students or the unwaged to have access.

Please use the order form below or email info@consciouslivingevents.co.uk for other methods.

Thank you kindly – we look forward to sharing this ground breaking ‘play-shop’ with you!

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“It was a very special day to work and play with Clara and RJ again, I felt relaxed, enlivened and re-connected to MY energy. These two wonderful facilitators hold such a safe space to investigate the power of qigong and sound healing, thank you ”


About Rj Noble

Rj Noble is a natural carer with over thirty year’s experience in the healing arts and a wealth of healing & therapeutic qualifications. Rj is passionate about helping people in all walks of life. Working intuitively with the elements of earth and wind with sweeping sounds and grounded loving energy. He has specialized in teaching vibrational sound therapy internationally for the last 12 years.

“Like many others, I discovered my passion for healing as a result of personal experience. I discovered the gentle practice of Spiritual Healing and in the early 1980’s I trained as a Spiritual healer and started my own healing practice. This led me to being invited to America, where hospice workers in Washington DC were amazed by the effectiveness of these healing sessions.
I trained in many other therapies building and growing my practice which allowed me to specialise in Therapeutic Massage for back and neck pain, Reflexology for infertility, Bodywork for releasing and unwinding emotional pain as well as EFT & Emotrance, where I met Clara.

Sound bowls and vibrational sound healing began to play an important role in my practice. I owned a Holistic retreat in the New Forest for many years until my passion for developing sound healing took me to live, work and teach Sound therapy in Thailand, Bali, Hong Kong, China and New Zealand.”

About Clara

Clara Apollo is an Elemental Qigong teacher-trainer,  founder member of the Alliance of Tai Chi and Qigong UK and Conscious Living Events organiser. She presents Chi Time, the Conscious Living show for UK Health Radio.

“A ballet dancer from a young age, I instantly recognised the feeling of graceful movements when introduced to qigong, this age-old system of effective energy cultivation. I’d already had two episodes of burnout, running a busy costume design business and bringing up my son in London and was looking for ways I could heal myself. I was drawn towards natural energy medicine, which took me through Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Shiatsu and CranialSacral therapy, eventually training in Reiki, Nutrition, EFT and Emotrance, the latter courses are where I met Rj. 

Finding Qigong in the mid-90’s had me hooked by the end of the first session! I felt I had returned to part of me I’d forgotton was missing. From this innate recognition of flow and expression, the tension patterns in my arms began to unwind, with neck and shoulders taking a few more years to fully release tension patterns. I instantly felt so much better on the inside, my sleep became deeper and more nourishing. Stress levels became manageable and prioritising my time and space had a strong sustaining effect on both my physicality and psyche.

I went on to train to be a Qigong teacher at the College of Elemental Chi Kung (CECK) London for 4 years. From there shared Qigong and Meditation in the New Forest District Council Leisure sector for over 10 years and am now a student of Grand Master Ken Cohen. The Elemental Qigong Teacher Training – fundamental principles (EQTT) grew from the previous Foundation Course developed with the founder of the CECK and has been running since 2012 producing some high calibre teachers and led people to pursue their hearts calling.

The next course starts in February 2020 and will run from the Earth Spirit Centre in Somerton near Glastonbury.

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