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Come charge-up your Chi with the deep healing flow of Qigong

Are you ready to build your stamina and decrease stress & tension?

Explore ancient energy techniques that that are bang up to date and work profoundly.

This day workshop adds to your experience of holistic breathing . It’s a great way into movement with the breath and the soothing potent quality that bestows.


  • Relaxing Earth Meditation
  • Graceful Daoyin warm-up movements
  • Specific lung chi activation form
  • Building a healing chi sphere
  • Qigong walking
  • Taoist Meditation

The Air element is part of the Metal element in Traditional Chinese Medicine 5-element theory. It is rich with growing awareness and inspiration. Healthy lung chi has an activation on your immune system by strengthening your Yuan Qi (pre-natal chi) thereby nourishing your fundamental processes.

This is open to anyone with a genuine interest in true energy work – and play!

Chi Up Your Life !

There are other Sunday qigong sessions on November 11 and Dec 9

See separate events for more details on these.

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About Clara

Loving movement exercise from a young age – I did ballet – I instantly recognised the feeling of graceful movements when introduced to qigong, this age-old system of energy cultivation. I’d already had two episodes of burnout, running a busy costume design business and bringing up my son in NW London. I was looking for ways I could heal myself and was drawn towards natural energy medicine, unlike my previous training as a Registered Nurse. Here the focus on disease management was only one side of the patient health coin, I was curious about ways of preventative healthcare, still am. Personal research took me through Homeopathy to EFT, Reiki, Aromatherapy Massage, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Shiatsu and CranialSacral therapy. I was searching for a way to take care of myself as well as appreciating treatements and teachings. When a parent of one on my lads friends, Ged Sumner, offered to introduce me to Chi Kung/Qigong I was intrigued and went along. He is a co-founder of the London College of Elemental Chi Kung, where I subsequently trained for 4 years. I am now a student of Grand Master Ken Cohen.

I was hooked by the end of the first session, from this innate recognition of flow and expression, although the tension patterns in my arms and shoulders were needing a warm oily bath, I felt so much better in the inside. My sleep became deeper and more nourishing. Stress levels became manageable and prioritising the time for my space had a strong sustaining effect on both my physicality and psyche.

Fast forward to now, where I live in and around the New Forest, managing the busy Conscious Living Events company, sharing qigong teachings and creating ‘Chi Time’ interview shows, all from living ‘Home-Free’.. It’s not without its challenges – understatement – but my qigong and meditation practice gives me ninja-style aptitude and orgnising abilites, the big one is asigning time. This is where I can help.

I offer you day workshop or mini-retreat sessions, if you have access to the New Forest, where you can dive into your personal energy relationship, alongside other similar folk. I’d love to share more chi secrets with you.

Clara Apollo is an elemental qigong teacher,  founder member of the Alliance of Tai Chi and Qigong and Conscious Living Events organiser. She presents Chi Time, the Conscious Living show for UK Health Radio.

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