Primordial Qigong online 100 day challenge

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Standard£100.00Instant online access to facebook group and video. Do contact me for other available payment options on

Exclusive opportunity for Primordial Qigong players

Would you like to run your Primordial Qigong (PQ) 100 day practice again, in a supportive environment, to refresh your skills and experience with this powerful form? I recall Master Ken saying that the reason Master Feng had permitted it to be shared was because this is the form to teach far and wide, or words to that effect.

Several of you have already requested this I have come up with a lo-cost accessible idea that is online and interactive. As well as an in person day workshop in the New Forest on April 14.

Following the teaching in 2017 with Master Ken, we had our notes and experience plus a group of photographs, but no video reference to assist.

The crew of New Forest Elemental Qigong teachers got together for a pow wow to cross reference and consolidate his teachings. Continuing the initial 100 day practice in my various house sits, I found this form showed me where my true home is. I was given permission by Ken to share the form informally, as long as I mentioned I am still in training, always..

At the end of the retreat in France in September 2017 I recorded a video of me doing the whole thing, not least for my own reference, and have since shared this with some of you to assist your personal practice. There is no tuition included, only the moves, all to a sweet Anugama sound track. You will be given access links to this on signing up.

Following the success of the closed facebook group Chi Up Your Week 5 day challenge, I have set up a new PQ 100 day challenge in a closed facebook group for a minimum sign up fee, working out at  £1 per day, less than the cost of a cup of tea or coffee.

For this you will get;
– Inclusion in the facebook closed group
– Instant support and encouragement for your practice for the whole 100 days
– Weekly live video sharing linked forms and meditations to enhance your PQ experience – you can interact with me live and/or place comments in your own time
– Accountability with other qigong players building a shared committment to get maximum value from the form
– Trouble shooting potential issues with continual practice providing practical advice to ensure your 100 days occurs without a break
– Access to my exclusive practice video

All for the cost of a cup of tea!

Direct debits for payment in stages can be agreed.

To launch into another 100 days of continued practice will align your chi beautifully as we enter the springtime plus ready you to gain the best from Master Ken’s up coming UK teachings, if you are signed up.

See seperate event for the day workshop on April 14 in the New Forest.

About Primordial Qigong

Primordial Qigong (Hunyuan Gong). An exceptionally rare and powerful qigong from the ancient Taoist tradition and transmitted today by renowned Taiji Quan Master Feng Zhiqiang. Professor Cohen learned this system originally from one of Master Feng’s senior students, Madame Gao Fu (1916-2005) and also from Master Feng himself. Blend the primordial energy of Heaven and Earth with the energy of life within the body.

A lovely photo from the 2017 teaching.

Here’s a video with Master Ken explaining the Hunyuan Primordial form, and so much more