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Come shake off sleepiness in all its forms, shrug off stress and tension to create space and gather up your vitality.

Uncover your mindful moving meditative way, to set up your day.

Basic forms for beginners and intermediate players alike.

See Chi Up Your Week for the online version.

This session is before the Primordial Qigong integration day and can be attended separately or as a highly recommeneded preparation for the sequence.

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Clara Apollo is a highly experienced elemental Qigong instructor from the College of Elemental Chi Kung, London, having taught in the public and private sector to hundreds of people for nearly 20 years. She runs the New Forest Elemental Qigong school, an online course ‘Chi Up Your Life’ and offers an in person year long course ‘Foundation to Teach Qigong’.

Clara is a founder member of the Alliance of Tai Chi & Qigong and Conscious Living Events organiser. She presents Chi Time, the Conscious Living show for UK Health Radio and Elevate Radio and Podcasts online.

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