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Master Kenneth Cohen

‘The Yi Quan Qigong Intensive: Health, Balance, & Inner Strength’ 

3 Day Training

Health, Longevity and Unity with the Tao

Tuesday, Wednesday 9am-5pm

Thursday 9am-12midday

This event is now SOLD OUT !

Please refer to the wait-list at the bottom of the page and consider his one day Healing Sounds Qigong in Bristol on June 16.

A unique opportunity to train, or continue training with one of the worlds TOP Masters in Qigong.

UPDATE Only a handful of tickets left at time of writing in mid February.

Qigong is one of the most popular, enjoyable, and extensively researched methods of energy medicine in the world.
Yi Quan (The Mind-Intent Healing and Martial Art) is one of the greatest, most comprehensive systems of qigong, the legacy of the esteemed Master Wang Xiangzhai.

Because of its extraordinary attention to posture, movement, breathing, and mindfulness, Yi Quan teaches the vocabulary upon which qigong is based.
You will leave the training weekend with a deeper understanding of healing energy and, most importantly, a complete workout for vibrant wellbeing.
The course is open to beginners and all levels.

Evidence suggests that Yi Quan Qigong is excellent for brain health, neurological functioning, and balance.  It is “medication in motion” and a powerful form of complementary therapy. This beautiful method of qigong includes both slow and quick, gentle and dynamic techniques, making it as effective for optimizing health as for improving athletic performance.

Yi Quan includes:

  • Standing Meditation
  • Walking Meditation
  • Shi Li – “Experimenting with Force” Methods of Receiving, Sending, and Moving Energy to improve coordination
    Healing Imagery
  • Fa Jing – literally “Discharging Power” to improve alignment and body mechanics in any sport, including the martial arts
  • Yi Quan Postural Therapy – simple ways to help a friend or client develop resilience and better functioning
  • Jian Wu – “Health Dance” improvisational and creative combinations of techniques in flowing patterns

As a break from the exercises, enjoy Qigong meditations for relaxation, clarity, and inner peace and listen to entertaining stories of the old masters. We will also discuss the healing benefits of Qigong, how and why it works!


Each day runs from 9am – 5pm with a mid-morning break around 10.30 where hot beverages will be served. An afternoon short break is for bathroom visits. Fresh water will be served at all times.

Lunch break will be from 12-2pm. 
You will be able to order a vegetarian Lunch in advance from the beginning of January 2019 @ £21 per day for the Tuesday and Wednesday and will be contacted with the information. Vegan options are available and dietary requirements catered for. The hotel is unable to cater for single lunch orders unless you are booked in at the hotel. You can bring a packed lunch.

Water will be provided throughout and a mid-morning beverage break on the Tuesday and Wednesday.

As this event has now sold out, we have opened a wait-list for last minute cancellations. Please complete the form below to be added to this if you so desire.

Request to join the WAIT LIST for Ken Cohen Yi Quan 3-day training New Forest:

About Ken Cohen

Ken Cohen is the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Energy Medicine and is a renowned Qigong and Tai Chi Grandmaster, based in a small town at 3,000 meter elevation in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado (USA).

Ken began Qigong in 1968, was a collaborator with Alan Watts, student of Joseph Campbell and principle lifetime apprentice to Taoist Abbot Huang Gengshi from South China. He was the first person to teach qigong in North American medical schools.

Ken is a leader in the dialogue between ancient wisdom and modern science, believing that each can respectfully learn from the other. He was able to demonstrate extraordinary bioelectric states in the laboratory of Ed Wilson, M.D. and was one of 9 “exceptional healers” studied in the Menninger Clinic’s 12-year research project “Physical Fields and States of Consciousness.”

His classes and keynotes have been sponsored by the American Cancer Society, the Mayo Clinic, Health Canada, the International Conference on Taoist Studies (Taiwan), and numerous universities.

He is the author of the Random House classic, The Way of Qigong and more than 200 journal articles on spirituality and health. Ken is the subject of various works in the Chinese language, including the soon-to-be-released Yang Qigong Da Shi Gao Han: Gu Lao Zhi Hui Yu Xian Dai Ke Xue Dui Hua Di Shi Zhe, “Western Qigong Master Ken Cohen, Emissary of the Dialogue between Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science.”

If you’d like to learn more about Ken please check out his website

Here he is on Chi Time with Clara talking about this profound form and the many benefits of sustained Qigong practice.

“Without actually being in Ken Cohen’s presence, it would be very hard to believe that an American could have such profound and detailed understanding of traditional Chinese culture. His Qigong movements express true mastery and a deep cultivation of the spirit of China. Professor Kenneth Cohen’s dissemination of Chinese culture to the Western World is an enormous work and a glorious achievement.”

Tu Xinshi, Editor-in-Chief, Chinese American Post

“For five years I have been seeing blood specialists because of an extremely low WBC (white blood cell count). Yesterday I went for my six-month check up. I could hardly believe it when the doctor told me that my WBC was normal! The improvement is not just a little, but substantial. The main thing that was different was that I have been consistently doing primordial qigong. What else could explain this?  I am so grateful and happy. Thank you”

S.J. , Psychotherapist

“Thanks to your qigong instruction, my post-polio syndrome is under control. For the first time in thirty years, I am able to walk free of pain. There are no words to express my gratitude.”

M.G. , Retired Spanish teacher

“I can honestly say that the floodgates of qi opened for the first time and it has been an experience without words.”

M.W., Student

“I am the student with Parkinson’s from the recent workshop. I want to tell you that I have been significantly better since the weekend. My movements are easier and quicker. I feel well, rather than ill, and have more energy!”

R.L., Nurse

Chi Time – Interview with Ken Cohen (Jan 2017)

Here is Ken talking to Clara on Chi Time TV sharing some of his extensive knowledge on how Qigong is a key exercise for us in all walks of life AND a reflection on its long and varied history.

Chi Time – Interview with Ken Cohen 2 – The History of Qigong



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