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Do you want more energy?

Need to clear blocks and negative vibes from your life?

Wish to feel more relaxed?

Balance out mood swings?

Able to have deep replenishing sleep?

Enjoy focus and clarity…whilst remaining resourced and present.

Understanding your body-minds’ way of energy is key to your activating more of it. Qigong is an age old system of movement and meditation designed to get your life-force energy -chi- flowing as it can in an unfettered system; the movement actually helps the unfettering and the process reveals a more ‘normal’ balanced way of being.

Are you curious to find out how to access your wellspring? It is in abundant supply in nature and all you need to do is clear some space for it to be attracted into your life.

We will explore ways to:

  • Unwind tired muscles and joints
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Create graceful movements, along with the rhythm of your breath
  • Rest – let go, surrender become your Being, unhook the ‘doing’
  • Gather in new supplies of energy
  • Make space for meditation more accessible

Please bring:

  • Yoga mat or similar to lie on
  • Cushion for your head/meditation
  • Light weight layered clothing
  • Easy footwear
  • Water
  • Light lunch and healthy snacks

Herbal teas are provided

Come and find out how this easily accessible system could work for you. Perfect if you already have a meditation and/or yoga practice, perfect too, if you do not.

Cash-chi exchange £55 – please pm me

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About Clara

Where to start? With a chi conversation.

Why did I get into qigong? We were spelling it chi kung back then, over 20 years ago.

I was a weary, worn out costume designer and independant mum. What to do? I was burned out, my forearms had an RSI so I could no longer draw or make – anything. Even a sandwich was tricky. Playing with my growing lad was even trickier. My body was screaming to me STOP! I gave up work, and got into rest and play. My GP offered me physio, who offered me western acupuncture and a natty set of wrist braces. I was on the mend.

I became even more thrifty and got a job in a health food shop in Stoke Newington London, where conversations were holistic and therapists plentiful. I dived in to the plethora of alternative healthcare, looking for ways to truly heal and maintain optimum health; homeopathy, acupuncture, shiatsu, nutrition, massage, reflexology, reiki, cranial sacral therapy and then chi kung came in, introduced by Ged Sumner.

Long story short, I took to it like a duck to water and commenced weekly training in 1994 increasing to three times a week babysitters willing. Old tensions unwound, sleep was deeper, presence of mind better but most of all I was being called to notice. Notice how I move, how I breath, how I walk, how I talk to myself. now this is fascianting, it was the beginning of my path to self awareness and I was keen to share my findings with others.

In 1999 I taught a session as cover for Ged, and continued up until leaving London in 2000, where I did a course for teaching adults at Brockenhurst  College Adult Education and got on their books to teach qigong. Learning all the time and nipping back to London for practice. Ged then founded the College of Elemental Chi Kung in London woth Thalbert Allen and in 2004 I began my offical training, whcih continued for 4 years.

I have not looked back, creating the Foundation Course for Teacher Training for the college and later rose to the requests to teach in the New Forest. This training is run once a year as a Practitioner course for anyone, as the foundation for teachers.  I have also delivered retreats in Spain, Austria and France. Now my teacher is Master Ken Cohen. Always a hero, I owndered how I would ever get to becme his student and then in 2016 I got my opportunity to invite him, for Conscious Living Events in Bounremouth June 2017, where he taught us the Hunyaun (Primordial) Qigong form. Honoured now to share this form with you, I am still learning so much from this core energy maintenace and internal alchemy practice.

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