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Transform and align for the evolution of 2020

Embody your transition onwards with alignment meditations and graceful movements.

In this pivotal year, you will be needed to be strong, capable, vulnerable and honest. Firstly with yourself, enabling your relationships to also be integral. How do we do this when so much is messy? Together, and using profound energy management practices and the quantum field of all possibility. We are so fortuante that Sifu AmaLia is in the UK and able to come to Glastonbury.

We will begin with an introduction and alignment meditation, connecting to the cyrstalline, electro magnetic and light energies of life itself. Sounding the call inside, the time is now, activate your presence, harmonise your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body matrix. Use Qigong to embody the healing work.

Many people state that Qigong is the missing link in the energy masters jigsaw, etheric and ethical, all strands of healers are welcome to explore this integrating system.

We are on the sacred land of Avalon. Here, AmaLia will activatethe crystalline ley lines of our physical bodies as we activate the crystalline ley lines in and around Glastonbury. This will be a totlaly unique and magical experience, where you will be invited to journal and reflect on information gifted you in the session.

Bring a cushion and light blanket for meditation, notepad and pen and water.

Speciality Chinese tea will be served.

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Lee Wai-Ching’ s Qi Gong absorbs and uses the motility of the universal energies that exist around us, she seems to blend relaxed dance like movements with the traditional raising and falling of your breath and energy in a synergy of opening, growing and clearing movements.

Her Qi Gung is based on free movement which resonates with energy flow, it isn’t stuck in slow traditional postures, you are never stood wrong or out of time, however there is always room for improvement and practice. Some of the very traditional styles demand hard set positions to be adhered to, but her style creates flow and movement that just seems so naturally correct and right.
She is a credit and blessing on the world and deserves the title of ‘Master’

Unbelievable & Breath taking!

Dr. John Brazier - Traditional Chinese Medicine & Western complementary medicine practitioner

“We met at The Holistic Health and Healing Summit in Bangalore in 2003, of which I was program Chair. Perceiving a kindred spirit in service, Wai Ching and I began a dialogue that continues and will never cease. When I sought to explore areas of my own suffering, she responded, opening herself fully to my own search and process. I felt totally safe entering with her realms of the spirit I had not entered before. At no point did she seek to interfere, to direct or to influence my process. What I saw, what I experienced in mind, in body and in spirit, and what I was given as a result of that work, remains with me now and led me further in my healing. I am infinitely grateful for that work. I Pray that these words convey something, even just a little something of the seriousness, the joy, the lightness, the humour, the integrity and the profundity of Wai Ching’s Work, and perhaps just a little of the beauty of the Being who embodies it.”

Kim A Jobst MA DM MRCP MFHom, Physician and Medical Homoeopath.

“I first met Wai Ching at a Conference in India over 2 years ago. Since then she has visited our clinic in London, UK and we were able to experience first hand her work with Energy. We had a need to improve the environment in the clinic to help create a more vibrant and healing atmosphere and one that would inspire patients during their attendance. This lady has a special ability! Not only did she help us achieve what we set out to do but my personal experience in working with her enabled me to experience her true ability to detect and manipulate energy. I also had a sporting injury of the forearm that improved significantly after just one of Wai Ching’s treatment sessions. I could not recommend her more highly.”

Dr Nyjon Eccles MRCP PhD, Medical Director, The Chiron Clinic, Harley St, London

After being diagnosed at SGH (Singapore General Hospital) with shingles on my right side of my torso I was recommended to try Wai Chings healing treatments. Sceptically I met up with Wai Ching after work in Holland Village and we discussed what would work best and a series of 4 healing sessions was set up. After the first treatment which involved no touching just focusing the light to the affected area I left feeling quite relaxed as though I had slept soundly for 8 hrs.

The next morning i noticed that the marks of the shingles had virtually disappeared. They did re-emerge less severely a day or 2 later but the other 3 sessions cleared them up for good. From a sceptic to a believer, all in 4 sessions.”

Will Bright

“Wai Ching is a beautiful guide. Within seconds of meeting we were old friends, talking freely. There was nothing to wade through, she was my sister, mother and confidante already, before we met, it seems. An invigorating start to a golden windfall for me – Wai Ching all to myself for two hours. As we wandered into the S.A.M Art Gallery I felt a rare confidence in my own intuition and a license to trust it. We sat in front of my chosen piece, a surprise to me already, its subject being a stern old man, and began a meditation. What followed was a soft descent into my most problematic feelings and ideas, gently nudged about my Wai Ching’s words, I could explore them with fresh eyes and a strong heart. She achieved a balance of full presence and dignified distance which allowed me to experience, many times, that delicious feeling of hearing myself speak out thoughts that I didn’t know I had. A true and powerfully simple form of healing. Thank you Wai Ching.”

Sophie Jane Mortimer

About Ama Lia

Wai-Ching Lee, is a natural healer and medical intuitive descended from a lineage of traditional healers on both her paternal and maternal sides. She has combined her innate ability in healing with experiential mystical experiences in cross cultural contexts and academic study of the phenomena and practice, resulting in 30 years of adult experience in the field of holistic healing, human ecology and consciousness.
Since 1992 she’s been in collaboration with Integrative Medicine medical professionals all over the world as a referral practitioner, teacher, co-researcher and designer of holistic programmes plus personal experience with cancer prevention and care and work in Bio- energy/Vibrational/Holistic/Quantum Medicine.

“It’s in my DNA, in my blood. My great grandfather was a Chinese physician to the Sultan of Selangor in Malaysia.
On my mother’s side I have six aunts who are also mystical. We are of the Peranakan heritage – Chinese merged with the culture of Southeast Asia. I accompanied my grandmother around the house with frankincense smouldering on charcoal, which set the tone for my work in space clearing with hotel and villa developers, retail shops, spas, clinics, work spaces and residences. I was featured on the front cover of a Singapore newspaper as “Madam Glam Ghostbuster”. I grew up with all the healing arts, including making our own face powder according to the full moon, receiving massages and cooking with herbs in the most creatively delicious ways. My aunts and I bathed in floral waters to purify the aura.  This was part of my education, it’s not learned from a book”.

In 2017 Ama Lia was invited for an investiture of the title of Dame Rev. Dr. by the Sacred Medical Order of the Hospitallers of the Knights of Hope and is in the process of writing a book “Consciousness of Cancer”.

One current project is this documentary series Quantum Qi, which aligns the ancient wisdom of Qi Gong with the modern quantum science of healing. Her work consciously bridges ideas, people and organisations to create new paradigms and efficiency in the movement of evolutionary human beings with other states of consciousness.

See AmaLia’s website here


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