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Healing the Heart and Restoring the Spirit

With curandera Grace Alvarez Sesma

A plática is a Mexican-Indigenous way of sharing from the heart and listening with the heart – especially in the healing tradition known as Curanderismo.

Join us for an evening with curandera (healer) Grace Alvarez Sesma as she speaks with us about Curanderismo’s history and the beautiful healing rituals that are a part of her culture.

Rooted in the healing traditions of Mexico, its rituals can help re-integrate aspects of the self that may have been lost, or fragmented, due to trauma or illness.

Practitioners combine the use of pláticas, heart-to-heart talks and limpias, spiritual cleansings, using a raw egg gently run along the client’s body, and barridas, brushing the body and auric field with a bundle of aromatic plants to create positive shifts in the body, mind, and spirit. Time permitting; her presentation may include a hands-on demonstration of a limpia, a purification ritual.

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“It is difficult for me to put into words how much Maestra Grace’s teachings have impacted my life. She is a powerful woman who empowers others with her work. I felt her strong presence in the hallway at the retreat center before I even saw her. She is a beacon of light who shares her practical life experience and has devoted herself to bringing us back to what we already know. While she is adept at spiritual teachings and intuitive insights, she also has her feet firmly planted on the ground; she balances heaven and earth. She isn’t afraid to tell things as they are and has a rare gift of connecting with spirit and communicating with heart. I went home with a sense of gratitude and appreciation.”

Angela Scala, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Buddho/Enersense Master Practitioner

“I send my heart song through these taps…. Gratitude for the beauty way of your being. You command such deep respect and personal self-reflection in your way. I continue to savor your medicine and have had a few potent meetings with you in my dreams. I met you in such a different place then I now exist and you humbled me without insult, and for this I am where I am now. I can recognize other teachers with ease and know how to come in right relation. Every bundle I offer to an elder is infused with your teachings.”

R.H., Kripalu Retreat Center Workshop participant

“I attended one of your workshops about 8 years ago and you did a healing ceremony for my grandson. I also gave you a picture of him so you could send him healing over the next year. I wanted to than you again for helping him heal so quickly from his injuries. Today he is a healthy, rambunctious boy, thank you so much!”

J.S., Carroll, MD, USA

About Grace Sesma

Grace Alvarez Sesma is a traditional healer, cultural educator, and writer, born in Baja California, Mexico. Her calling to walk the path of the heart began in childhood through her family’s curanderismo practices and continues today with a private healing practice that is rooted in Aztec and Maya healing traditions. A leader in the Mexican and Indigenous community, in 1993 she was the recipient of the prestigious leadership fellowship award by the National Hispana Leadership Institute in collaboration with Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.  An inspiring speaker, she has lectured on Curanderismo at the University of Southern California-San Diego Medical Anthropology Department, San Diego State University School of Social Work, the Annual Conference of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, and other institutions. Grace contributed to the book, Meditations for Inter-Spiritual Practice and is a contributor to the forthcoming book, Voices of the Ancestors. She lives in California and travels extensively offering presentations on Mexico’s ancestral wisdom traditions.

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