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Tune into the luscious energy of the Strawberry Full Moon and rekindle the sweetness of life.

A whole day’s Retreat deep in the South Downs countryside will give you time to dive into the calming energy of Qigong & meditation in a glorious off-grid experience. A perfect re-set.

Elemental Qigong Day

Away from distractions and other insidious interruptions of your natural life force, you will be able to deeply de-stress and gently recharge with clarity and fresh vision. The energy of the Full Moon at the zenith of the year, just after the Summer Solstice, is a mighty energy to connect with. The day of Qigong and meditation will nourish you by exploring how the Earth and Water elements can support your natural processes.

Evening Full Moon Fire and Drumming Ceremony

The evening will unfold as a sunset sky reveals the first stars and the Strawberry Full Moon, rising around 8.30pm – the sun subsides at 21.21. We have an opportunity to dance with these 2 celestial bodies in the sky at the same time. Our two gifted sound energy workers Dan and Michael will be drumming with shamanic guidance to gift you an experience to relish through the rest of your year.

Flow of the day

We begin  Thursday at 10am – you can arrive from 9.30am. Directions will be sent when you book on. There is plenty of room for parking. There is a separate price for the day only, including lunch, beverages and fruit. 

Qigong ~ 10-1pm

Lunch ~ 1-3pm

Qigong ~ 3-6pm

Supper ~ 6.30-7.15pm

Evening Ceremony ~ 7.30-10pm

Food and facilities

The retreat weaves rest time into the day and offers sumptuous vegan food, limitless herbal teas and organic fruit.  The training yurt will contain us if the weather chooses to be un-summery and will also act as a quiet place of refuge between sessions.  All is good, tuning into what you need is where the guidance lies (truths).

The lunch and dinner will be entirely plant based, gluten free and no cane sugar. All ingredients will be organic – outside of some fresh fruit and vegetables from The Apuldram Centre, who do not hold an organic certification but use no chemical products on their land or produce.

Anything you have an allergy to our chef Oscar, will aim not to have in the kitchen, and intolerances will be catered for.

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The  price includes lunch and an evening meal, plus fruit and unlimited teas. No hidden extras.

You can rent a yurt to sleep in if you wish. Please see separate website for more information Night Pastures website.

About Clara

This is me breathing with chi, expanding my hands on the in breath, bringing them closer together on the out, a technique to cultivate chi.

I only share teaching from my experience, then a truth of Be-ing is imparted which has an inviting response to yours.

I began training in the early 1990’s with Ged Sumner in London to explore how to retrieve my failing energy levels. Qigong practice gave me pathways in to awareness on how I was using, and mis-using my body and energy, with an opportunity to rectify my behaviour. Roll on 10 years and in the early 2000’s I studied with the College of Elemental Chi Kung in London for 4 years. Added to this was Reiki training, nutrition, EFT, Emotrance and Colour Mirrors.

I offered up to 15 classes a week at one stage and set up the Foundation Course for Elemental Chi Kung with the College. From there the basic Teacher Training evolved and we now have New Forest Elemental Qigong school and collective of teachers. A new practitioner training starts this September in the New Forest, see here

I also offer a weekly online session via Zoom ‘My mindful movement Monday’ from 10-10.40am UK time. See here for more details.

I work with the  yin yang dance to engender a harmony our mind-body-souls yearn for to become a united human soul-full being. Engaging with the complimentary energies of Water (Moon) and Fire (Sun) is profound fun, whilst utilising key Qigong protocols of the supportive Earth element. I share practical aspects as well as the internal energy perspectives and will guide you deftly through specific movements and considerations, encouraging you to gently work with respect for your system.

“I had a great Qigong workshop with Clara Apollo. Clara teaches everything very clearly, with great sensitivity and kindness. I understood the many benefits of all the movements, and my energy was really buzzing by the end of the day. She created a lovely coming together of the group too; a very inspiring teacher with deep understanding and a bigger vision for our world. I highly recommend her workshops. Thank you Clara, I’ll be weaving what I learned into my daily practice.”

Pam Gregory

The practice was well crafted and flowed through the day with a good blend of activity, meditation and flexibility.
Clara explained and demonstrated the Qigong very well and is a good teacher – making sure we had got the idea and could find our flow through the moves, encouraging us to experiment to find what felt most natural to us. Meals were very tasty and healthy which fitted in well with the spirit of the retreat.

Dave W, retreat feedback

I truly believe Qigong facilitates us in accessing the higher dimensions, bringing focus, clarity and balance to our work. It makes such a difference! I really feel this is the missing element to so many Spiritual practices I have undertaken in the past. Qigong will be invaluable for the healing work I do. Thank you so much Clara for including this in our workshop. Loved it!

Samantha J, Your Content Goes Here

Man, if I wasn’t finishing my yoga teacher training course I would be there like a shot! After feeling the difference after doing the qigong weekend it’s gonna be epic! Whoever is lucky enough to attend, have an amazing time!

Eloise D, Your Content Goes Here

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