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Seminar Three Detox and Rejuvenate ~ Water/Wood

Growing from the Earth and Water of the last seminars we will look at ways to safely remove layers of toxicity in your body and energy field, accessing S P A C E to invite in fresh new vitality. Here we tune into the wisdom of Water, Earth and Wood, activating creative Liver chi, exercising muscles, tendons and ligaments plus increasing chi flow to the eyes.


  • Relaxing Earth Meditation
  • Graceful Daoyin warm-up movements
  • Specific cleansing forms
  • Liver expression moves
  • Build your resource centre – dantien
  • Qigong walking
  • Taoist Meditation

The Wood element in Traditional Chinese Medicine 5-element theory is nourished by the Water, with all elements needing the Earth for support. As do you. Giving the Liver time to express is huge, it is the largest organ with over 200 functions, including storing the blood as we sleep. Working it with tirning movements encourages a release of  built up of frustration and anger chi. Healthy Liver chi supports your Heart and digestion thereby nourishing your innate Love.

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