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‘The Truth Behind Your Negativity’ – Clayton John Ainger

The Seed of Destruction or Route to Greatness…?  Which do you choose?

Everyone experiences negativity.  For many people it causes them to sabotage success, relationships, health, wellbeing, and finances ultimately preventing them from living their best life.

Join Clayton to discover the truth behind your negativity and how to use it as a fuel for success, rather than something that keeps you stuck reliving the past. We hear and see so much about being positive and how that can upsurge your being but not if its just the 5% of your conscious mind trying to convince the rest of you. There are nuggets in negativity – the shadow as some refer to it, or the yin to the yang. Both…and

Everyday, you (or someone you know) experiences unhappiness with some area of life, or pain – mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. We live in denial and suppress the difficulties which can only make the situation worse as during these times, negativity can cause us to sabotage what is important in life, because we do not know how to manage it.

Clayton has uncovered through years of research and personal experience that your negativity leaves clues and patterns for you everywhere. Signposts to a deeper understanding of your very being.

He calls this The Ego’s Code. 

How can you decipher your Ego’s Code?

This talk will uncover some of the key aspects to the unravelling of this mystery. Clayton offers new insights and understanding that will change old beliefs and perceptions about negativity.
He will explain effects on the physical body, the mind and how it interacts with spirit and impacts on your life, plus will offer solutions for you to try.
Take on your bubbling under down side with a new approach to its function in your well rounded life.

About Clayton John Ainger

From once being a mergers & acquisitions tax specialist with Deloittes Clayton is now a sought after consultant and speaker working in the UK and internationally, where he helps Senior Leaders and Executive teams to transform performance and achieve sustainable growth by unleashing passion, nurturing natural talent and “bringing vitality to the workforce.”

Clayton is also a six-time award-winning author of The Ego’s Code, an international speaker, and creative entrepreneur. He has appeared in national magazines like Kindred Spirit, Spirit & Soul Magazine, Yoga Magazine and Paradigm Shift, just to name a few.

During a meditation at Stonehenge, he received clear and detailed guidance about why we experience negativity, the true purpose of ego and how to be free of it.

He found that there is a pattern to our negativity which he calls The Ego’s Code, and he discovered a way to decipher it, clear out negativity, remove unhelpful habits, change old belief patterns and restore the soul so that you can live your truth – in a life of fun, play, happiness and fulfilment.

Based in the UK, Clayton is also an internationally recognised psychic medium, spiritual teacher and spiritual coach. He works with people from all walks of life, all over the world and hosts workshops in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Denmark, Switzerland, and Germany. (For more info visit Clayton’s Website).

Here’s a link to a rack of positive testimonials for Clayton’s work:

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About the venue – The Orchid Hotel

Refreshed, revitalised and revived…

Back in the day, a trailblazing boutique hotel for Bournemouth, The Orchid has now completed a dramatic transformation, with bedrooms refurbished; lounges, function rooms and public areas reimagined; the whole hotel reborn! More than a mere makeover, it’s an evolutionary change for The Orchid, setting it apart as the only hotel of it’s kind in Bournemouth – offering a unique blend of contemporary comfort, informal elegance and intimate charm.