“Qigong is the art and science of refining
and cultivating internal energy”

~ Grand Master Ken Cohen ~

Elemental Qigong Practitioner Training Course

Due to recent developments in our world, this training is being adapted for online access

You can gain access to online sessions via the facebook group Chi Up Your Life here

Qigong – The exercise form that GIVES you energy!

Are you ready to develop your intuition, integrity, inspiration and personal stamina?

Your health levels will increase if you do..!

Do you already practice yoga, tai chi, meditation, pilates or similar and would like to expand your experience?

Yes? then this in depth course is for you. Scroll down for information on day workshops and 2020 Teacher Training seminars.

Qigong literally translated means ‘energy cultivation work’. The practice comprises a vast compendium of easy to access movements and meditations deeply connected with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Taoism. In fact, qigong assists your meditation by balancing the body and mind.

This practice will change your life – for the very much better. You are work in progress, from the inside out

Qigong was brought over from China in the 1970’s after the Cultural Revolution when it became accessible to awakening Westerners hungry for more esoteric explorations, following in the footsteps and breath work of yoga. These days the  introduction of mindfulness into mainstream culture has fuelled even more interest in qigong as a truly accessible mindful movement and meditation practice.

Want in?

“Spiritual practices that in evolve the physical body, such as t’ai chi and qigong are also increasingly being embraced in the Western world .These practices do not credit a separation between body and spirit. They will play a role in the global awakening”.

Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

Body ~ Mind ~ Soul, harmonising your ‘Now’


Qigong works by helping you to unwind stress and tension from your mind and body with a series of easy to follow repetitive movements that have several levels of attention to consider, hence getting you entrained into your now. There is an emphasis on movement and stillness, a letting go of the ‘old’ and a receiving of the ‘new’. All movements feel natural to do and are based in shamanic practices. They are accessible to all and can be adapted for a seated programme.


Here’s how you can;

  1. One2One sessions online or in person. Contact me directly to arrange info@consciouslivingevents.co.uk
  2. Weekend workshops. Next one is the Primordial(Hunyuan) Qigong in Somerset. February 8/9 2020. More details here.
  3. Teacher/Practitioner training. This is a year long programme comprising 2 day seminars, designed to take you through the fundamental priciples of Qigong and Taoist meditation.
  4. The first seminar (Feb 24/25) is ‘open’ for anyone interested in the programme. Thereafter it is a closed group of not more than 10. Venue Earth Spirit Centre.  See more details below and in the Events section.
  5. Retreat –  August 8-14. Earth Spirit Centre
  6. Chi Up Your Week – online weekly sessions, see more here

“Regular focussed qigong practice, with kind clear encouragement, alongside like minded people, reaps numerous rewards.”

See below for more information and how to book on or register interest.

After just four exercises I felt as if I had got up from a massage treatment!


Practicing qigong is so simple and so powerful. You cannot do it wrong. You can only do it good, better, or best.

Chunyi Lin

I have just been initiated in Reiki 1 and feel that what I’ve learned in Qigong about body energy is an essential part of understanding the process of Reiki. Indeed, its like the missing piece of the puzzle.


Sound bites….

Elemental Qigong Teacher Training 2020

This programme is designed for both prospective teachers and people who wish to enrich their personal energy quota and use this abundance to heal and share with others.

Module 1 – Basic Concepts

5 weekday seminars Feb-June 2020

Module 2 – Elemental Principles

5 weekday seminars Sept 2020-Jan 2021


Earth Spirit Centre – Compton Dundon, Glastonbury

Underpining this training programme are the fundamental tenets of qigong and Taoist mediation. This offers you regular qigong practice, facilitating a deep broadening of your personal energy experience. You will be encouraged to explore your connection with chi, foster you ability to listen and self-care, becoming more aware of the information within you. This time will gift you s p a c e to learn a good range of elemental qigong forms with joint opening sequences and  qi-yoga, to create a personal practice routine that works for you and that you will be inspired to share.

Your body will become stronger, more lithe and flexible, reflecting a calmer state of mind.

THE AIM OF THE COURSE is to provide a progressive integrated qigong and meditation training, encompassing classical styles and philosophies with more modern mind-body-spirit energy concepts; making this THE exercise form to enable you to thrive at this evolving, and challenging time.

Each seminar provides supporting material with homestudy encouraged by all participants and required of teacher trainers. Meditation is an intrinsic aspect of all seminars. There is a book list for you to consider.

Online mentoring is included with a One2One session included between each seminar to provide support as your practice evolves.

Module 1 – Basic Concepts weekend starts 24/25 Feb 2020

Seminar One

24/25 Feb

Exploring Wuji


Unwind stress and tension in the body also calms your mind. Find your place on the ground to move from and return to.  Make tangible connections to the power of the Earth and Heavens. Regain vitality.

Create S P A C E to restore health.

Seminar Two

9/10 March

The Dantien


Connect with your foundation energy centre at the navel through breath and movement. All movement grows from and returns to this pivotal place of resource and processing, essential for gathering chi into its reservoir-like quality. Your Dantien becomes a steady focus for meditation.

Seminar Three

30/31 March

Detox & Rejuvenate


Releasing old toxin debris to make way for new vitality is a central theme. The Wood element, in Traditional Chinese Medicine is nourished by Water and supported by Earth. Let go of old frustrations, replacing with rejuvention and setting of intentions

Seminar Four

14/15 May

Balance and Stillness


Using various weight transfer exercises plus specific movements we find what true balance feels like, this engenders energy balance. The Dantien reservoir is your centre of physical balance. The Yin Yang symbol promotes this dance and the paradoxical nature of being.

Seminar Five

19/20 June

Central Channels


Integrating the previous seminars we’ll investigate specific central super highways of chi. Plus clearing forms, transverse structures and increase the connection with Heaven and Earth. Standing postures really power this up. Activation of the small and great heavenly circulation (micro-cosmic orbit).

CHANGE OF VENUE for the training

We will now be at the ‘award winning’ retreat space Earth Spirit Centre, Compton Dundon, Glastonbury for our training programmes.

For each course you are invited to arrive the night before for dinner and orientation.

We will be offering a payment to include overnight accommodation and food.


Due to the swiftly changed venue the costs are being crunched through the accounts dept and will be with you soon.

Please look back in again, or if you have any questions, do drop me a line here

Before committing to the programme, you may like to try an elemental qigong workshop, by coming to the Saturday of the Module 2 seminars. Please request access and more information via email.

All session run from 10am -5pm and are at the Perkins Youth Hall, Church Lane, Pilley, New Forest. SO41 5QL

October 12 ~ Nov 9 ~ Dec 7

See events for more information on each date

Forthcoming Elemental Qigong Workshops

Course requirements

  • A genuine interest in learning qigong primarily for yourself, in good health and positive attitude to learning.
  • Previous experience is useful in similar disciplines like tai chi, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, pilates, shiatsu, acupuncture, reiki and other natural energy based healing modalities.
  • Students are expected to establish a regular qigong  practice and keep a journal to record experiences to present before each seminar.
  • Home study is assigned with each seminar, including reading, research and written work. It is a course requirement that this is completed on time, especially for prospective teachers  as it is designed to integrate material from the previous seminar and prepare you for the next.
  • Safe practice is included throughout. In Module 2 seminar 5 specific protocols are addressed regarding safe practice during teaching.
  • To keep our training structure in alignment with the National Qigong Association of America(NQA) – as there is currently no official body in the UK – you are required to attend at least 200 hours of formal training to qualify as a beginners qigong teacher. Specific teaching adults qualifications are recommended as there is not the time to cover comprehensively here. If you already teach Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness or similar, this is very helpful.
  • You will have the opportunity to train with Grand Master Kenneth Cohen for a 3 day residential/non-residential teaching on The Animal Frolics in the New Forest on June 30, July 1 and 2 or in Glastonbury July 3-6 TBC. Details to be confirmed very soon.

Module 2 Elemental Principles weekend starts 21/22 September 2020

Followed by October 14/15 ~ November 16/17 ~ December 14/15 ~ January tbc

The completion seminar occurs at the end of January to give time for course-work completion and presentation of your teaching so far.

On completion of the programme you will be able to insure via Holistic Insurance or add to any you already have, plus be included in the New Forest Elemental Qigong roll-call of teachers, where we have on-going online meetings to share with other teachers, where, amongst other items, we can cover one another’s classes if needs be.

How to Apply

If you would like to be considered for the course, please apply for enrolment using the form below, letting us know why you are interested and whether you have any previous experience with qigong or similar. We will send you an application form and set up a meeting either in person or online.

Register an interest for this training:

About Clara Apollo – Qigong Teacher

Clara originally trained as a registered nurse at the John Radcliffe in Oxford. She has the international status of NQA Level 3 Advanced Qigong Instructor following a 4 year training with the London College of Elemental Chi Kung (CECK). She is also qualified in EFT and Emotrance, is a Reiki Master Teacher and Colour Mirrors practitioner. Clara is a founder member of the Alliance of Tai Chi and Qigong UK and presents Chi Time, the Conscious Living show on UK Health Radio.

Clara began qigong training in 1994 with Ged Sumner, co-founder of the CECK and started sharing qigong teachings in 1999 when he asked her to cover a class. This continued, gradually building confidence with background study and personal practice. More people asked to be shown these wise ways, so following a course on teaching adults, Clara brought beginners qigong to Adult Education in the New Forest in 2000, the year her Reiki training began.

By 2005 Clara was a qualified teacher from the CECK and a year later gained her Reiki Master certificate. Following a further 2 year advanced Chi Kung training she began running a foundation course for the College in the New Forest, and ran numerous classes for New Forest District Council’s Leisure Centres for many years. In 2009 she developed and delivered the basic teacher training for CECK and by 2012, practitioner and beginners teaching course programmes came to the New Forest, which continues to serve the growing conscious community.

“Creating more high quality qigong teachers is one of the best ways to reach more people with this body – mind – spirit integration practice”

In the summer of 2017 Clara engaged Grand Master Kenneth Cohen to come to the UK for her Conscious Living Events company. He taught over 60 people the Primordial Qigong form and has given Clara permission to share, as a student of his. Master Ken’s website 

Clara holds retreats and training in the UK and France and regularly collaborates with other Body, Mind and Spirit facilitators.

Reference Books

Your Qigong class really resonated with me and I found myself practicing some of the movements afterwards. I’ve been heavily into spiritual and intellectual self-improvement but have neglected the physical side, so it was a revelation, especially as it made me feel so good.
I never intended to teach Qigong but as a Psychologist, Energy Therapist and Healer with a busy client base and two young children to tend to, I was interested to really immerse myself in a form of exercise that would enable me to take care of my body, mind and spirit, to learn in depth about Qigong practice and fill up my reservoir of inner resource
I have been doing Qigong for a year and a half and have found that it has had a significant effect on lowering my blood pressure levels, which I am on medication for. It has also helped bring a sense of calmness to what can be a stressful time with three young children
My homeopath and acupuncturist recommended Qigong whilst I was recovering from Polymyalgia Rheumatica – I continued with my recovery – the gentle movements were so encouraging as my movements gradually improved. The class is very supportive and our teacher Clara is truly exceptional with her caring attitude and in depth support
I came to Qigong because of my back; to improve and keep mobility of my joints. I like the variety of exercises that help each part of the body. One hears the use of the English language – which means you think, aiding concentration, balance and good breathing, all improving ones energy and vitality
Sue E
Qigong gives us an awareness of what is going on in our bodies and empowers us to do something about it. It helps us to put the responsibility into our own hands

I would definitely recommend chi kung to other people because I think it brings them to a better understanding of  themselves and their place on earth. I think it brings an interesting mix of calm and vitality at the same time. Chi kung practice is so helpful and flexible – you can use it for so many situations and to relieve health symptoms which might otherwise have you reaching for medication. It can also be seen as a way of showing your gratitude for being on the planet, I often find myself praying whilst practising chi kung, especially when I am out in the forest. It definitely improves my state of mind. You can practise it anywhere you want and don’t have to carry a whole load of kit around with you either!

Caroline James - Psychotherapist

Clara is a wonderfully empowering wise and professional teacher; a fantastic facilitator helping you explore qigong in a safe, relaxed and informed environment. The movements are set up so the body mind understands and the teaching of movement forms are informed by the emergent needs of each individual. This is great mindfulness practice and a complete nourishment for the body/mind and spirit. Qigong enabled me to find my inner core for truth, I never dreamed that the experience would enrich me soddenly. If you get the opportunity to train with Clara, jump to it! I did and I am eternally grateful for the space provided, lessons learned and the love, laughter and wisdom shared. I am now teaching weekly, qigong is a gift to be shared.

Nikki Gresham-Record - Psychologist