Are we all writing more? What with blog & social media posts requiring our play with and on words to fizzle up readers through a moment of enticement, to share salient observations, in the flow of life. We can be both entranced by and challenged to be able to effectively transpose ideas into suitably expressive words that resonate well.
Julia McCutchen is here to assist. As a successful ex-publisher on the self-awareness circuit, she has had plenty of experience harnessing and promoting authors expressions. Then, when after a life-changing accident, she gradually rebuilt her life to be more consciously awakened, realising her calling was to do so much more than run a thriving book business. She is now an author, mentor, coach and all round ambassador for top quality creative writing and has set up the International Association of Conscious and Creative Writers
Hot off my conscious writing press (note pad plus iPad) following a days workshop with Julia at another superb Conscious Living Event in sunny Bournemouth, where I could wax on about how lyrically the day flowed and how the contributors in the room engaged truly and deeply with the ease at which Julia seamlessly shared her extensive knowledge of how to access your Creative Writing juice, but instead, I will share with you a piece of streamed raw in the zone, initially scribbled in pencil, now deciphered, marginally edited, slightly punctuated and spell-checked, after Julia had deftly invited us into a meditation to inhabit our own personal Conscious Writing Sanctuary. A place to focus in and stream from authentic in-the-moment what ever it is – here is my first entry:
“Writing now next to the lake by the wisdom tree, I see a clearing and a clarity reflected back to me in the swing of the wind and the sounds of the trees, rustling-like breeze and life within the branches. Life sits on these branches as varied birds, squirrels, bugs ivy and lichen – each a part of a symbiosis naturally attained by the unwritten but oh so well understood law of nature – abundance and clarity of there being enough for all, pecking orders for tea and cake – caffeine, gluten & dairy-free!
We can live in fields or in towns in different countries. Acknowledgement for the space for all beings to have a natural home and live in harmony together. Nature’s overriding gifts for humanity – often overlooked and judged as not as important as the attainment of worldly goods. Our habits for old patterns and this one is sick, old, sickness, entrophies and drops down to the earth to be transformed, new life is nourished and rebirth produces something more in alignment to what is in the order of Now. Species find rightful places with another, relinquishing and growing as is the customary expansion and contraction of the breath of life, the old making way for the new/Now.
The flexible sustaining for longer than the rigid – a tree is flexible in its stability of continually growing, branches reach into chi-full spaces in the air where birds can land, feed, build nests or just come and go calling a song to another. Do different genus birds understand another’s bird song?
Frequency of conscious habits resonate wholly and align fully. Sound vibrates harmoniously natural sound heralds and loves. The sounds of a rippling brook, a tumbling waterfall, a crackling fire, a swirly breeze all rustle up evocatively the image correlating to the sound, the sound of vision, the vision of the sound, the multi-dimensioning expression of elemental forces at play – in time, in space in Now.
It feels like anything could be introduced into this scene and find its place as long as there is respect for that which is and not an impulse to take over or take on – enough space and place for all – tolerance, consideration, surrender to the greater breath of life far soon from our scenic perspective. This way of being will roll out across all lands all seas, rivers, lakes, mountains, towns, villages – empty islands – over populated cities, each the pecking order will find its natural way from the connection to the ancient ways, the old directives we cannot usurp, they are the mainstay of existence Now.
Cosmic laws rock our soul, universal truths lodged in our hearts. Being breathing, with One, as One, the Cosmos smiles, we get it and the interspecies unification has a ground to be welcomed to, as we raise our awareness above the mundane. As above so below. The old toxic wrong ways will contract and die for they are built on no substance but thought, word and greed. Finite. The new is burgeoning through like a flower through the concrete. Expanding outwards and upwards sideways and all ways through all time and space dimensional realities.”
I had not read it back before this transcribe and am intrigued by what came through. Are you? Fascinated by how to tempt this unconscious flow, I’ll be back in for more in due course.
To be similarly invited and inspired into your space to flow, with suggestions as how to use said information to craft readable text, I can highly recommend Julia’s new book Conscious Writing. There’s a handy ‘Look Inside’ feature to get you going, right here and Now 🙂