Would you believe that following an out of the blue offer, just as I returned to the UK  last May, I am amazed and can share with you now, that I am in training to become an events organiser?! Not for any old event company either, only the south coast’s premier, Conscious Living Events! I was very surprised, as have been working with Claire since the launch of the Bournemouth based company 3 years ago and I know how committed she is how much work & creativity has gone into it becoming a well known brand, hosting top level speakers from the conscious awareness arena, who usually only paper in London or up north. Claire is expanding into the Devon area and we are going to run sister companies enabling each of us to expand within our current capabilities and as support for one another. Officially I take the helm in November but am gearing up the wheels for some incredible speakers and performers from next month and into next year already.. See Conscious Living Events website.
I can see that it is a genius idea for me to combine my curiosity to explore conscious awareness and with the interviewing of key people in this arena as I have been for Chi Time Radio for the last 4 years. Even though I did not see this coming, I did however, trust. I know that what is best for all, including me will turn up, because of my deep sense of being part of a bigger whole and how attending to my congruity, best I can, assists that of the collective. This I practice daily via movements, meditation, focus and gentle, broad intention. Aided hugely from my retreat home in a stunning natural eco-system valley in Austria.
Thankfully I have taken to various event management tasks like a proverbial duck to water, although am needing to spend quite some hours on the computer, so am aware that step back time is needed. With mega exciting stuff bubbling up into my inbox, new feeds and other information connective sources, it is not easy to back away, so how often should we do just that to maintain a balance between? Every 50 mins according to some. Even just staring out of the window to whatever is on your horizon, says another. I like to get up (and boogie?) not usually, unless there happens to be danceable music heralding from somewhere, no, I like to shake, and turn.
Get up off your perch and step away from the screen, shake out..roll your shoulders one way then another. Hips too, circle them comfortably in both directions.
Pop the kettle on, and while it boils, shake more…circle your wrists.
Visit the bathroom and remember to shake! Ok so chaps do this ordinarily right?! Anyone can shake anything behind the privacy of a locked bathroom door!! It is a place you can be on your own to do whatever – and also SHAKE – WHY? because this rids the system of tension and tension is what creates stagnancy and lack of natural flow. Use the breath too, as you shake take in a big breath and let it make a sound through you as you breath out.
You can easily shake out aches in your hands, wrists, arms & shoulders. Wiggle your fingers, shake a leg, and a tail feather if you so wish! Shaking creates a vibration that stagnation cannot resist. Turning moveable joints frees up any stuck chi and gets your energy system flowing smoothly again. It so wants to.
Easy peasy. Shake out the old, make space for the new! Creation needs space too be.  See the video page for visual assistance.
A truly potent spinal release move is one that shows up in all martial arts prep as it does often in the playground as kids love to freely move this natural way. Gently turn on the length of your spine by stabilising your feet, knees & hips and letting your eyes guide you round to one side then the other, with lazy arms following the movement, landing thudingly on your body. Also known as the ‘Twisty Wisty”.
Similar nifty Chi Kung preparation for managing life in the fast lane of the “I chose to be here at this time of Great Change” scenario, with new weekend sessions start monthly from September 11, in the glorious New Forest. See the events page for more on all that.
Now I’m off again on another learning curve of uploading this, negotiating that, liaising with someone and editing a sound file here, recording another there. You know, what ever it takes to bring the best to you and yours for the very much better indeed.
Thank you for your attention so far – have a great night and day being truly YOU!