This edition of your Chi Time is delving into one of my most favourite subjects, Shamanism with urban shaman Anna Hunt and then with added awesomeness a local invitation from Chi Time regular Jackie Deakin to join the Conversations with God connector, Neale Donald Walsch in Bournemouth in May.

Anna Hunt is a Master – Mistress?! – of the art & science of subtle energy movement for truly powerful effects, and talks us through some of her journey, from London hack to Peruvian princess: an incredible story, charted in her book The Shaman in Stilettos

She helps to de-mystify the term ‘shaman’ and how this ancient practice is massively beneficial to our busy nowadays lives, helping us to thrive in these times of chaos (and opportunity). Anna is a wise and knowledgeable facilitator of the internal art of shamanism and runs retreats, workshops and one2one sessions over Skype. I was also fortunate to meet her at the Conscious Living Event and interview her for you on film, coming soon. Find out more about the ‘Shaman in Stilettos’ at Anna Hunt’s website. She will be appearing down in Exeter over the summer I believe for Conscious Living Events.

And, Jackie Deakin is back, reading and extract from Neale Donald Walsch’s latest book ‘The Only Thing That Matters’ and describes how his writings have changed her life for the very much better indeed, so much that she wants to give you the opportunity of meeting him! Yes, she has organised 2 days 14/15 May fro a talk and a day’s Masterclass. For more about tickets to NDW and what else Jackie has up here sleeve see Jackie Deakin’s website.

Jouis can be reached at the Jouis home on Bandcamp or on the Jouis Facebook page where you can join their mailing list and get a free download of this beautiful way to start the day tune ‘All that is and is One’.