Another welcome Chi Time break in your ever demanding and rewarding schedule of life and times.. In with a Naked News bulletin is Naked Dragon‘s Julie Bryant reporting on the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in London the other week, and a delightful unfolding of the story behind Rest Festival in Wiltshire with Jenna Presley. Then, with a blast of wayward Taoism, the Barefoot Doctor complete with an exclusive play of his collaborative track with Basement Jaxx. The Big Om soundscape can be heard in its 25 min entirety here, ‘for your listening pleasure and existential delight’. Brilliant!
I’ve listened to it a few times now, as you can imagine, and have found that it inspires spontaneous Chi Kung moves for a good little while, then I sat and let the sonic extravaganza wash over and through me, and became transported to regions on the outer reaches of my reality. A totally harmonious shamanic bliss bless kiss.. Incredible.
It really is worth listening to and joining in with right to the end – and if you do, please let us know how you get on as it’s not released yet and all responses are well appreciated.
Thanks be for Love and Chi!