April 2016

Conscious Writing

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Are we all writing more? What with blog & social media posts requiring our play with and on words to fizzle up readers through a moment of enticement, to share salient observations, in the flow [...]

March 2016

Balancing belief

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How us humans love to experience the drama-pull of extremes, they do seem to be more intense and so we feel them much more than the middle ground - it makes us feel more alive [...]

February 2016

Stars ~ not just for Christmas

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Reconnection and recollection. As you may know, I've been on a marathon de-clutter for the last 18 months, including giving up a permanent home until recently, which has given me many opportunities to choose whether [...]

December 2015

Happy New Chi'er!

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We are at a pivotal time on our planet, this festive season has had many of us questioning the old behaviours of Christmas' past adopting a new view on how we can make a different [...]

September 2015

Life Loves You – Robert Holden

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photo ©Louise Jolley It was an honour and privilege to be been asked by my dear friend and organiser of Conscious Living Events, Claire Quartel, to host the evening in Bournemouth there on the 24 [...]

July 2015

Healing Weekend – Somerset

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Elaine Fenton the superb heart centred event organiser has this to say about her awesome gathering of some of the key healing people in the South of the UK, and a few from up country! [...]

June 2015

Dojo of Summer Days 2015

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Forest Glade To enhance self-practice on the road, between homes, on my travels across the South of the UK, I have set myself a quest of finding a Chi Kung, Yoga and Mediation practice space [...]

Positive Chi = Vitality

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I often get asked 'What is Chi?' Fair play, it's a word that is spelt varying ways, Qi, Ki, Prana, all pointing to the invisible but essential universal life force energy, central to your very [...]

May 2015

Rosy Wisdom from old garden homes

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The day after completing the Rose Alchemy Therapist course with Sandra Marie Humby (see I am house sitting in my old home town of Lymington, around which I walked amongst the holiday-makers and went [...]