How us humans love to experience the drama-pull of extremes, they do seem to be more intense and so we feel them much more than the middle ground – it makes us feel more alive maybe? Whereas to be in the middle, in balance, like this beautifully plumed bird illustrates, a-straddling a tree, is where we are drawn to find at best. At rest, our body/mind system is more efficient, finding an internal equilibrium of balance, with blood, other fluids and chi given it’s time to travel to all the right places – not being disturbed by sudden adrenaline surges, or worn out dirges..
The thing about balance and its compadre stillness, is that it is always there, in the background, propping us up as we pass through highs and lows, comings and goings. You might consider this balance place to be a bit boring, an unstimulated zone, away from the drama pulls of extreme sensations. We lust after intensity and yet true deep mad intense life-loving is hiding in the balance-belief/relief at the centre of all the chaos, like a magician waiting to show you a trick, in the light.
All our cells are wired for balance, from the sodium/potassium dance to the nutrient/toxin up and dump, activation and repose, so our whole being yearns for and is directed towards balance at all times. This is not a belief, it is fact. Our inner harmonious state is really what we all crave and how practices like Chi Kung, Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga and walking in nature help to put you back in touch with. Your divine reality is this sweet balance spot, where no stress is possible, a ‘normality’ of being, a basking in breathing.
Pause for a moment, be with your being, notice your breath… the places of transition, between the in and out, the out an in, these turning points are power places of recharge as you touch the fleeting stillness, momentarily.. How does that feel? Weirdly ‘normal’?!
This is one of the key Chi Kung Principles – rejuvenation.
Imagine the figure 8, looping its ribbon of infinity continuously around, meeting at a seemingly brief mid-point, or is it a timeless interlude? This place of neither up nor down, in nor out, is where our whole existence spins its ride – a pivot of pure potential, a portal place swiveling into the quantum realm of our bigger, bolder, broader, brightness of being.
Let balance be the base from which to bounce forth through all time and space dimensions..
Come play balancing acts with Chi Kung and Meditation on Saturday 2nd April in the New Forest 9.30-5pm. Get how this can feel so real for you..