Coincidences, signifiers of being on track, keeping us onwards, promoting more radical trust more and more and I continue forging this pathway of the freedom warrior, the not-putting-up-with-this-bullshit babe! It is a path lit with true shining souls, particularly women. Women supporting women, women recognising themselves in the other, women who want more & more Woman to thrive, express, love, dance, care, stand up for what is so very dear to our hearts. To make a positive difference in the world. How can we support each other MORE to make this so? Gather, reflect, share. It is happening!
May I share with you an example of a wonderful recent trajectory of true-some-ness?
As this year opened, I was interned in the Austrian Outback, thirsty for meaningful friendship connection, deep dialogues and intense discussion. I was invited in to a True Reflection 30 day Challenge with the beautiful Michelle Holmes; for free, online and daily. Here we were invited to reflect on a poignant question per day to consider and make a 90 sec video in reflection of this question. We were then invited to post these little videos up to our ‘tribe’ for reflective mirroring, each tribe having about 10 people therein. How incredible! I am still processing the power of this.
Creating this habit has nurtured something deep within me, of being accountable for my thoughts, words and deeds. What I think matters, how I am is not only enough, it is essential. I am seeing myself as others do via the light that shines though me to them and you. I ought to do a little video here, but I won’t, not this time, it will come.. We don’t see our light as others do because it comes through in response to another, in conversations, interactions, we see and feel theirs and they ours but to us it is not so clear, hence why we are our harshest critics. In these little videos, we get to witness our inner light, we fall in love with ourselves (not in a narcissistic way) in love with the presence informing and coming through us, Divine Love. We get to view this truth, our miraculous divine light streaming forth especially when we dare to be vulnerable and share our truth, which may open us up to ridicule..
I had come to London to meet up two of my True Reflective gorgeous emerging butterfly mirror tribe and was walking to Stoke Newington from Dalston where I was staying. We had arranged to meet at 2pm in the Haberdashery, and I was treating the swift walk as a nice workout, singing ‘When I went down to the River’ and reminding myself of the river bank walks in Austria; here the road was my river, the A10 🙂 Striding past the police station I mused, is this really the safest place in Stokey?
A thought flitted across my mind as I walked into this recognisable neighbourhood, I had lived here for 15 years back in the day. Would I bump into anyone I know? A few old pals who I knew drifted in from my memory. Then, where I was expecting to find a shop called Roses – I reflected how sad it wasn’t there anymore, who should pop into view, striding herself on a lady love mission to the hairdressers..?
The beautiful Rebecca Grace Campbell!
Her of “Rise Sister Rise” fame.
We hugged in recognition, chatted about self care – I went on a bit of a rant, thrilled to be in the vicinity of a Sister who gets it and some! We chatted about how she will visit us again in Bournemouth, for Conscious Living Events, at the end of October. Super-fly Sisterhood 🙂 What a gift from the Divine Mother to bless us like this, well that’s how I felt as we hugged again and went on our merry ways.
Rebecca is BIG on women supporting woman and actively suggests we do more via our neighbourhoods, apps, online communities. Here I was living this reality.
Minutes later, I landed in a chair beside the beautifully emergent Lila and opposite me an equally beautiful evolving Miranda, sipping tea. Not on video, in the flesh Рhere and now. Delicious. We dived in, we knew we could, sharing, suggesting as well as taking some moments to honour the silence that is always there, even when we are out and about in the mel̩e. There is power in this combined recognition.
Sisters. New sisters, recognisable through our passions, observations, responses shared and loves bared. Glory be in holding space for each other, blessed by just meeting Rebecca, I told them of Rise Sister Rise. They took note – I did too, that not all cool women know about all the cool women, note to self: must keep catalysing these channels of communication & change.. It is so soul nourishing to meet and share stories, perspectives on the deeper issues of life. Tim Freke’s new tome “Soul Story” came into the mix, every aspect of us is evolving, see his recent Chi Time TV interview, link below.
As we keep in touch more, we strengthen our supportive feminine bonds. This is how we actually forge stronger communities, us women weave with our womb-chi, whether we’ve had children or no, the creative piquancy emanating from the combined, sustained creative strength of multiple sturdy Dantien/Sacral chakra energies, gives rise to a safer sense of being, offering a tangibly safer space to process in for anyone needing this.
Un-distracted by external devices – and how I notice in this city how addicted to them everyone is, me included – Undistracted, held, communed with, loved, we are able to expand more easily into our beautiful buoyant, connecting, fragrant heart chi, which ripples out far & wide, broad & beaming to whomever resonates with this language of energetic truth. No lies, only standing up for our shining inner truth light.
Of course our dear men are not excluded. Lots could be included here, not the time this time. Suffice to say that many woman know of or dream of being ensconced with a supporting loving partner, with whom to grow a long life’s path. Sometimes a woman needs a Divine Masculine space to be held. This has a different quality to being held by our Sisters. Both aspects have compassion as a central tenet.
We need both, we are both, we are One, we are the Soma-stream and the Soul-stream, (thank you Tim) we are the finite, we are infinite, we are stardust we are golden and we’ve got to get back to the garden…
True reflection Challenge – Michelle Holmes
Rise Sister Rise – Rebecca Campbell
Conscious Living Events
Soul Story – T!m Freke Chi Time TV interview
SOUL STORY is published on the 21st April, but you can find out more and pre-order a signed copy from Tim’s website here.
Tim’s first talk and signings of  SOUL STORY will be for Conscious Living Events on April 18th in Bournemouth.