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Tracey Ash & Clara Apollo – ‘Reality Revolution – New Frontier 5D Training’ Workshop – Past Event


  • About Tracey and Clara

    TRACEY and CLARA met through Chi Time Radio and Conscious Living Events. Agreeing on many aspects of contemporary healing practices, they have found a synergy of deep efficacy through combining Qigong with 5D New Frontier training and are thrilled to be offering this to you. The embodiment of spiritual protocols is essential to create a safe environment with which to straddle and move between dimensions.

    TRACEY ASH (BA PGCE) is a key researcher, lecturer and extraordinary wisdom keeper. A catalyst for positive change and personal innovator, she is fascinated in understanding our ancient past to create a better future and to convey such information and practices. An honorary member of PSI Science Institute Japan Tracey shares decades of work on consciousness revolution, influencing reality and planetary transformation encrypted in ancient technologies. A leading pioneer of ground-breaking quantum frontiers, she regularly leads seminars at ancient sites worldwide. 

    One of the finest high frequency frontier teachers of her generation. She teaches fast, effective, accessible 'How to' approaches to the miracles of change. Her key areas of expertise are: NEW FRONTIERS of Mission, Transformation, Awakening, Manifestation and Global Positive Change.  2017 sees Tracey following in the footsteps of Chopra, Geller and Theta Healing- headlining Japan's Premiere EXPO circuit to 1000 audience seminar. Her USA Conference circuit sees her speaking about 'The Reality Revolution' - and what we can do to assist in planetary transformation when the global arena is in meltdown.  She regularly finds herself in countries where healing is paramount. This service to humanity is her top priority as an educator and speaker.

    Tracey is author of two books; 'Life Vision' OBOOKS and the best-selling 'Ancient Egyptian Celestial Healing: The Source Codes for High Frequency' FINDHORN PRESS.

    Tracey is a regular guest on IN THE SPIRIT RADIO USA and the globally aired CHI TIME RADIO. She is an honorary member of PSI Science Institute Japan and principal of 6 schools in UK, Japan, USA. Tracey is one of the best ZERO-POINT technicians & trainers of her generation. She is also one of the OM TIMES experts with her online Mystery School Training.

    Tracey has worked at Mind Body Spirit Festivals London, Conscious Life Expo LA, The First Global Pyramid Conference USA, Tree of Life UK, The Society of Psychical Research UK, Mind Body Soul London, London College of Spirituality, Synchronicity Japan, Natural Spirit Japan, DynaVision Japan, Voice Inc Japan, College of Psychic Studies UK (1999-2015), PSI JAPAN.

    Tracey's website

    CLARA APOLLO (RGN BA) has been teaching Qigong & Meditation since 1999 in the UK & Europe, encouraging 1000’s of people to tune in with their Chi, activating self healing and true potential.  She provides support for people through their transitions using chi full healing and self-empowerment techniques.

    Qigong is a mind body spirit unification practice; the KEY one to include to evolve & embody spiritual development.

    Clara's weave of creative modalities was initiated by training as a registered nurse, followed by a degree in textile design - at the same place as Tracey, Middlesex University - then 4 years Chi Kung training with all levels of Reiki, plus Colour Psychology with Colour Mirrors, EFT & Emotrance, Nutritional Therapy. She is also a Fitness Instructor.

    Clara's website

Testimonial by Tracey Ash:

“Each time I visit Bournemouth I am touched  by the integrity of this community. Here we meet beautiful souls committed to discovering true spiritual pathways. There is a refreshing intelligence and questioning that unites many cultures, backgrounds and dreams. I LOVE YOU CLE. Thank you for supporting my new frontier work. Clara it is a delight to co-host with you….love the high, high-frequency vibe of venue, evening and workshop. Your team is a support-event dream! I wish you much success as you manifest new and unique directions for CLE my friend.”  TRACEY ASH

Testimonial by Clara Apollo:

“How honoured I am to be collaborating with Tracey. To bring key Qigong movements and considerations into her high frequency work to deftly integrate and help expand ones experience of embodying spiritual upgrades. Our work blends seamlessly, riding on the synergy of effortless combinations. Blessed.”


‘The Reality Revolution ~ New Frontier 5D Training’ 

One Day Workshop


Tracey Ash and Clara Apollo


How grateful are we as this was the first workshop in the UK of this radically profound 5D Reality Revolution training.

Tracey has been teaching to packed out audiences in Japan and the USA, how fortunate were we that she is included Bournemouth in her repertoire of places to share this highly advanced way of working and being.

On this day’s training we explored: 

TRUE POWERING UP – not for the faint hearted!

ALIGNMENT – how it feels to be internally congruent and how to maintain this when all around seems chaotic.

EMBODIMENT – movement and stillness, letting your body GET your souls knowing, you are a team, here we show you how to work as ONE.

4D RECONFIGURATION – awakening dreams, your heartfelt wishes for you and your world, the bridge to the resounding truth of your purpose and being. SELF-REALISATION POTENTIAL.

5D POWER RESOURCE with ultimate embodiment and empowerment for freedom to manifest miracles and flow more Love, healing all relationships in our world.

We discovered how profound inner peace, authentic spirituality & resource reduces stress, unhappiness and increases healing agendas at every dimension.


SUPER-SIMPLE practical techniques to foster inner listening and awareness.

STILLNESS cultivation practice and the targeting of specific healing and transformational techniques.

RELEASE anything that no longer serves you including attachment to toxic stereotypes that disconnect you from your highest frequencied expression of your truth.

TRANSFORM your central energy system for clarity and intention focus.

We saw and felt how profound the CALL of our DESTINY is as we stepped up to the levels of awareness we may have only dreamed of – Yes, loving purposeful relationships are key as we transform old stories into new tales of truth and commitment. 

We investigated IMMACULATE, clear, IMPECCABLE ways to 3D transformation – Reconfigured any pain, suffering and cycles of toxic stories – unhooking them for GOOD. 

People working with Tracey say:

“Tracey Ash is an amazing being who is awakening the heart and soul of the world.” GARY GOLDBERG, ‘In The Spirit’ Radio Show

 “Amazing expansive experience of peace, stillness and time slowing down. thank you so much, big love xx” ANGIE COLLINS, OM TIMES Learning Platform, Mystery School, Global Healing Project

“Wow! That was an incredible session full of life-changing insights. I’m really excited about the future. I feel like my life and work have been this difficult unsolved puzzle and Tracey has come in and placed the pieces so they finally make sense and fit.” Simon Wilson 

People working with Clara say:

“Clara is a wonderfully empowering, wise and professional teacher. She is a fantastic facilitator from which to help you explore Chi Kung in a safe, relaxed and fun environment. The movements are set up in a way in which the body-mind understands and the teaching of movement forms are informed by the emergent need of the chi of each individual within the group. This is great mindfulness practice and complete nourishment for the body, mind and spirit.” Nikki Gresham

“Thank you so very very much for so generously sharing your day and expertise with me, I so appreciated your amazing golden energy and loving holding space. It was a time of inspiration and I was quite surprised at how you managed to guide me through so much.” Jo Vere Nicoll 

“Your Qigong class really resonated with me and I found myself practising some of the movements afterwards. I’ve been heavily into spiritual and intellectual self-improvement but have neglected the physical side, so it was a revelation, especially as it made me feel so good.” Rob Record


Testimonial by Samantha Jane (workshop attendee):

“I really do feel that the Qigong was an essential part to the 5D workshop. It enables us to really get the very best out of the meditations and the work we do for ourselves and Spirit. I truly believe Qigong facilitates us in accessing the higher dimensions. Bringing focus, clarity and balance to our work. It makes such a difference! I really feel this is the missing element to so many Spiritual practices I have undertaken in the past. Qigong will be invaluable for the healing work I do. Thank you so much Clara for including this in our workshop. Loved it! 💜 Xx”