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Tracey Ash & Clara Apollo – ‘Reality Revolution – New Frontier 5D Training’ Past Events


  • About Lucinda Drayton

    Lucinda has always been creative, writing her first song aged six. From then on she has been writing poetic lyrics and intoxicating melodies ever since.

    In 1994 she co wrote a number one hit "The Real Thing" for Toni Di Bart and 1995 saw her sign to EMI publishing and EDEL records to create the album 'Suicidal Angel' which was released to critical acclaim.

    Lucinda then began her spiritual journey by meditating regularly. This brought about a change in the music which had a different kind of message and an intention to create a sound with beauty and depth that could enhance spiritual awareness and transformation.

    The practice lead to the creation of the seminal album 'A Hundred Thousand Angels' which is played all over the world in many different contexts and has sold  well over 100,000 copies. Lucinda  is now  invited all over the world to perform at gatherings of world leaders, at peace conferences and  in numerous spiritual centres.

    Lucinda has been practicing meditation and teaching now it for 20 years and more recently has become an Accredited Counsellor (MBACP accred). She is also in post graduate training with Reach Approach, an organisation of psychotherapists and counsellors committed to empowering people to change through a synergistic and holistic program.

    Lucinda's website

Testimonial by Tracey Ash:

“Each time I visit Bournemouth I am touched  by the integrity of this community. Here we meet beautiful souls committed to discovering true spiritual pathways. There is a refreshing intelligence and questioning that unites many cultures, backgrounds and dreams. I LOVE YOU CLE. Thank you for supporting my new frontier work. Clara it is a delight to co-host with you….love the high, high-frequency vibe of venue, evening and workshop. Your team is a support-event dream! I wish you much success as you manifest new and unique directions for CLE my friend.”  TRACEY ASH

Testimonial by Clara Apollo:

“How honoured I am to be collaborating with Tracey. To bring key Qigong movements and considerations into her high frequency work to deftly integrate and help expand ones experience of embodying spiritual upgrades. Our work blends seamlessly, riding on the synergy of effortless combinations. Blessed.”


‘Reality Revolution – New Frontier Training’

Evening Masterclass

An audience with our high frequency adaptor Tracey Ash and myself.

Listen to Tracey talk with Clara on Chi Time Radio about this training and why it is so crucial to be considering upping your game at this time of chaos and opportunity.

Listen to Tracey on Chi Time Radio here;

Photos taken by Sandy Humby

‘The Reality Revolution ~ New Frontier 5D Training’ 

One Day Workshop


Tracey Ash and Clara Apollo


How grateful are we as this was the first workshop in the UK of this radically profound 5D Reality Revolution training. 

Testimonial by Samantha Jane (workshop attendee):

“I really do feel that the Qigong was an essential part to the 5D workshop. It enables us to really get the very best out of the meditations and the work we do for ourselves and Spirit. I truly believe Qigong facilitates us in accessing the higher dimensions. Bringing focus, clarity and balance to our work. It makes such a difference! I really feel this is the missing element to so many Spiritual practices I have undertaken in the past. Qigong will be invaluable for the healing work I do. Thank you so much Clara for including this in our workshop. Loved it! 💜 Xx”

Chi Time interviews: Tracey Ash – 5D Reality Revolution