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    Tigmonk, is the pen-name of Tiger Singleton, who is an Author, Speaker, Poet, and considered by others to be a modern-day mystic - Someone in intimate communication with the source of Life.

    He is an intuitive satsang facilitator who shares insight, wisdom and spiritual teachings from the space of an open heart. Tiger is also an author, internal wellness coach, and he holds multi-day retreats all around the world.

    Tiger’s unique gift is to guide a sincere student into the heart and uncover their inherent worth, beauty, and conscious ability to create a joyful life. In this space of self discovery, one sees clearly the imagined prison we’ve imposed on ourselves, and are presented with the opportunity to very simply lay it down and walk away.

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Wednesday 12 July 2017 

7.30-10pm (doors open 7.00pm)


Tiger Singleton

‘Conscious Life Design; It’s Already Done’ 

Following the Heart ~ Connecting with Self, Others & All of Life 


Meet Tiger, meet truth, in Satsang. Your truth, his truth, common truths with so many facets. A golden opportunity to investigate the nature self and life, while connecting deeply to source of all that is. In Satsang with Tiger, through sincerity, grace and unconditional love, he connects to the collective heart energy of the group and shares a message that resonates with the authenticity of our human experience.

The most common response Tiger hears from attendees after satsang is, “it was like you were talking directly to me.” This is because at the core of our humanness, we are all experiencing the same challenges, we are all on the same path, which is a journey of discovering the love within our most sincere nature.

The difference in Tiger’s sharing as noted by many attendees and students, is that Tiger doesn’t position himself as an authority on any subject or as a teacher. He carries a depth of humility that knows his offering is like that of a bird’s song. He simply moves in the way that life moves through him, and if people find value, this is their own doing. Tiger simply shares for the pure enjoyment of sharing what he loves; what he gets in return, is the freedom to be himself.

Tiger’s Youtube channel

Here is his most watched and well loved video…

And his recent Chi Time interview: 

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About the venue


Refreshed, revitalised and revived…

Back in the day, a trailblazing boutique hotel for Bournemouth, The Orchid has now completed a dramatic transformation, with bedrooms refurbished; lounges, function rooms and public areas reimagined; the whole hotel reborn! More than a mere makeover, it’s an evolutionary change for The Orchid, setting it apart as the only hotel of it’s kind in Bournemouth – offering a unique blend of contemporary comfort, informal elegance and intimate charm. 

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