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    It all started for Ross, as a child, when he began experiencing precognitive visions that were followed by seeing spirits and telepathically receiving their thoughts and feelings. As he continued to grow he began experiencing different forms of physical mediumship and to this day he holds very vivid memories of tables being moved, lights being switched on and off, drinking glasses moved along tables, and noises in the form of multiple raps/knocks.

    After the devastating loss of his grandmother when he was fourteen, he was still unsure of these experiences. To help with the confusion he was feeling, he attended an awareness development group at a local spiritualist centre. There, he quickly began to focus his exceptional mediumistic abilities. He quickly learnt to consistently recognise and channel the feelings and thoughts of loved ones who had passed over to the next life. At sixteen, Ross finished high school and began working full-time as a psychic medium.

    At eighteen, Ross completed a diploma in Hypnotherapy through the Wessex College of Hypnotherapy and NLP. At nineteen, he completed a Ministership of Spiritualism course. Also at nineteen, Ross published his autobiography "Earth Angel.” This amazing book is based on his young psychic experiences and journey becoming and working as a professional psychic medium. It is now available all over the world and has achieved the accolades of being the highest average reviewed paperback and E-book in the religion and spirituality genre on amazon.co.uk.

    Ross’ journey has taken him all over the world and into many different spiritual cultures and practises. He has attracted enthusiastic media attention and has been featured on television in several countries.

    Ross treats his mediumship and spirituality as a way of life rather than a job. He feels strongly that it is the responsibility of mediums today to try to reach out to the public as much as possible. Ross believes it is important that everyone hears the messages he receives because these messages prove the existence of eternal life and everlasting love. He believes everyone should know these truths, and this is why he chooses to do work in public view and is always open to working with the media.

    Ross has taken great interest in studying how spirituality and science can potentially be merged together. He believes this is the way forward for humankind. This has led him to self-study areas of psychology, biology and physics. He has a particular interest in how experiments, theories and understanding from these areas of science can be related to the theories and the understanding and the study of consciousness. He has a keen focus on how this information could be connected to Psi phenomena, spiritual, transpersonal and specifically transbodily experiences.

    At twenty, he was the first psychic medium and to his knowledge, he remains the only psychic medium to this day, to be invited to do a lecture at the University of Northampton under (CSAPP). His lecture focused on his work and assessment of Psi phenomena and included a reading for an attendee, who was picked by the spirits present during the lecture. At twenty-one he was accepted into a Master of Science degree program in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology accredited by Middlesex University. Ross based his thesis around exploring the potential of using mediumistic readings to relieve symptoms of grief caused by bereavement. In this thesis, he looked to scientifically explore the psychological and specifically potentially transpersonal forces at work in the process of bereavement and bereavement healing. At twenty-three, he graduated from the program and has completed writing this, his second book entitled “Heaven Therapy.”

    It is clear from his demonstrations of Psi phenomena over the last decade, that Ross has an incredible psychic and mediumistic gift. Still a young man it is hard to believe that Ross already has over a decade of experience with practicing Psi phenomena on a daily basis. It is even harder to believe just how much Ross has achieved in that time. His style of evidential mediumship is arguably the most popular in the world. In group settings, Ross will usually go directly to a person in the audience and give precise names of people, road names, other key elements of addresses including numbers, occupations, ranks and positions, passing circumstances, recent life events, detailed memories- including things only the person receiving the reading or their loved one on the other side would know. Many who have seen him in a public forum or had readings with him believe him to be the world’s most direct and evidential medium and pin high hopes on him for the future.

Evening Event Wednesday September 13th 
7:30 – 10:00 pm (doors open 7:00am)


Ross Bartlett

‘Heaven Therapy ~ Insights into the Afterlife’


A book for the bereaved and curious – connections beyond the veil

For anyone who has ever wondered if there is something beyond our everyday existence.
For every person who has felt the pain of someone close to them passing over.
For any person who still grieves for that someone, this is likely to be one of the most emotionally raw, healing and ultimately uplifting books you will ever read and Ross is coming back to Bournemouth to share stories and insights.

Starting out as one of the youngest mediums ever and renowned for his accuracy in details, Ross will share the touching and extremely evidential messages that some of his bereaved clients received from their loved ones who have passed over. His approach is from a compassionate, down-to-earth perspective and it becomes obvious that not just our essence, our spirit and soul survive physical death. After we pass over we continue
to be able to watch over and visit with those we love and left behind here on Earth.

In fact, we can’t ‘die’, for the life of us!

On this evening, he will discuss and explain some of these complex subjects in simple ways, on subjects like:

  • how we survive the death of the physical body;

  • what people do in the afterlife and what it is like there

  • how spirits communicate through mediums

  • how mediums become good at what they do

  • how spirits try to communicate with everyone

  • God and the divine

  • reincarnation

  • psychic prediction other rarer forms of mediumship

  • destiny and free will

  • the current spiritual position of the world

  • and many more!

Ross explains what the spirits say it is like in heaven, what they do, how they remain
closer to us than most of us could ever imagine; and how they communicate with him,
and with us all. He answers many questions around mediumship and life after death,
and also offers insights from his master studies’ research into the efficacy of ‘heaven
therapy’ as additional support in bereavement counselling.

Blending Ross’ perceptions together with the moving
accounts of people who received readings, this
book brings an underlying message of hope, everlasting
love and peace, which truly soothes the soul.

One of the youngest mediums around, Ross Bartlett has almost a decade
worth of experience and is renowned for his evidential and therapeutic approach in mediumship. He holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Consciousness, Spirituality, and Transpersonal Psychology.

Ross lives in the UK.


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