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Lucinda Drayton – The Road to Self Love – Past Event

  • About Lucinda Drayton


    Lucinda is a registered member of the BACP and is a qualified counsellor. As such she runs a private practice in South London, for one to one clients, works wonderfully with groups and leads workshops all over the world.

    She is in ongoing training with The Reach Approach  on their post graduate qualification.

    Lucinda is also a musician of the highest calibre, having released nine albums which have been used all over the world in the realm of healing and raising consciousness.

    Lucinda began a spiritual journey in the 1990's and began meditating regularly. This brought about a change in her music resulting in being dropped by her record and publishing company. The new music had a different kind of message, with the intention to create a sound with beauty and depth that could enhance spiritual awareness and transformation, collaborating with superb instrumentalists and arrangers to create truly sublime sounds of the highest frequency.

    Lucinda has been practicing meditation and teaching now it for 20 years.

    "Lucinda has the very rare gift of equipping and empowering others to become the best that they can be, through compassion, honesty and kind challenge, without judgement, and without advising or telling them what to."

    Visit Lucinda's website.


Lucinda Drayton

‘The Road to Self Love’


How incredible was this day?  How powerful the message of being on the Road Self Love is to us all?  How potent was Lucinda’s delivery of salient truths, peppered with humour and expressed with her delicious magic of song and music?  HUGELY is the answer to all three!!!  


Below is a super range of photos from the day taken by my dear talented friend and ally Sandra Marie Humby.